Guy Hears Scream, Acts Swiftly When He Sees What’s Behind Abandoned Toddler

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She wasn’t there when the little girl needed her most, her reputation preceded her as a bad mother, she let this baby down more than a mother should have. Then a hero in disguise appeared.

While he was out mowing his lawn, a neighbor close by stopped after hearing an agonizing squeal. He turned around as fast as he could, only when he saw what was directly behind the toddler did he spring into action. Many are afraid to know what would have happened if he hadn’t been there.

Matt Knight, relived the awful situation, saying: he was out in his front yard mowing the lawn when he heard a nasty scream above his noisy machine, it immediately caught his attention and he went to investigate. He discovered the location of the cries as fast as he could, then he stumbled upon a toddler who was all alone. The situation was much worse when he saw exactly what was behind her.


Police have been called to the house on three separate occasions when the child was left unattended and seen crawling in the streets alone.
Recalling the distressing scene, Mr Knight told KHQ: ‘I walked over there and the kid, like the photo you saw, was strapped or caught up in some of the bungee strap to the fence.

Because of the previous things that had happened there [at the house] I wanted some photo evidence versus a bunch of hearsay.’
Having taken the picture and setting free the toddler he then contacted Spokane Police.
He added: ‘That strap or bungee cord was pretty much at neck level. She was up on her feet, but she was kind of struggling around her neck.’

Looking at the position of the gate, not too many people are buying this mother’s story that the toddler did this to herself.tangled-mother-gothel-bad-guy

No matter what way you cut the cake, this mother is in the wrong. It is a parents job to ensure the safety of their child, clearly, that is not happening in this home. No one cares how the bungee cord got there, the point is that it did, and the responsibility to protect the child was left up to a complete stranger or fate. Hopefully, something is done before the cops get a call about a dead child, now that the facts are out, that reality is preventable.

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