Frantic New Yorkers Escape Train After What Islamic Woman Released Into Air

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As the mainly liberal New Yorkers stepped onto the subway that morning they never expected to be attacked by a little Muslim woman. This past Wednesday a very unlikely weapon was used on the subway that easily got past security checks, this just proves that you don’t need 1,000 tons of explosives or a suicide vest to create massive panic and chaos on innocent unsuspecting people.

Witnesses described the scene as “mass hysteria”, that actually left a few of the passengers physically ill as they attempted to escape the sick thing this Muslim woman threw into the air on totally oblivious victims.


The creative Muslim woman decided to release a tub containing thousands of live crickets and worms, but, to her dismay, a group of teenagers shoved her off and found her seriously annoying. In a rage, she took it even further and sent the ‘mini-jihadists soaring into the air, where they quickly began to scatter and terrorize the screaming passengers.

Mass hysteria quickly ensued, the commuters ran to one end of the car while screaming and crying. Someone pulled the emergency break, causing a further delay as the train was stalled for 15 extra minutes as the worms wriggled and the crickets flew. To top it all off the air conditioning was shut off so the passengers had a nice long stuffy wait with their insect buddies jumping all over them. If you thought it couldn’t get much worse, you’d be wrong, because what this lady did next was seriously gross.


As the chaotic scenes continued to unfold, the woman then urinated on the floor causing passengers to run to the other side of the car while trying to dodge the bugs, according to the Post.

‘She was hysterical for 20 minutes and peed herself before the train operator unlocked the car doors to let us through,’ Mechaber tweeted.
‘Mass hysteria in a locked, enclosed space is something else.’
Witness Chris Calabrese, 29, who was on the train with his girlfriend said the woman was banging on the doors and trying to climb out the windows.
‘Everyone had crickets on their arms. My girlfriend was crying,’ he told the New York Post.

‘Then some men were trying to hold her down and she started trying to throw up on them.’
A video taken by passenger John Ray appeared to show the woman furiously screaming while banging her head with her hands.

She then is seen walking out of view of the camera and is heard yelling: ‘Why did you hit me? Do you see what you did? Now everybody’s late because of you.’
Passengers are seen trying to restrain the woman and calm her down.
‘She threw the crickets everywhere and 100 people were trying to run,’ Ray recounted on Facebook.
‘To where? People crammed into one end of the train. The air conditioning shut off.

‘She was freaking out because she couldn’t breathe because she was in such a state and there was no air.’
After some time, the train started to move again and pulled into the Dekalb Avenue station at around 6.30pm where police took the woman into custody.

‘Once the doors opened, people rushed out to get a look at the “Cricket Lady”,’ Gina Gabriel, who was riding in an adjacent car, told the New York Daily News.
She was transported to New York Methodist Hospital for psychiatric observation and no one was injured in the dramatic ordeal, according to police.
Calabrese described the incident as ‘pandemonium.’

‘It was the craziest thing I’ve ever seen on a train,’ he told the New York Post.

When the train finally began to move again, it made its way to the next station and as the doors finally opened. Passengers began pouring out as quickly as possible. The crazed woman was swiftly taken into custody by police and then put into a local hospital for a much needed psychiatric evaluation.

I’m not sure I have ever laughed at an “act of terror” caused by a Muslim. I guarantee if I had been one of those poor people on the train I probably would have had a panic attack over the bugs. This lady either has a crazy sense of humor or she is just a nut job, my guess is the latter.

Look on the bright side, at least it was just crickets and worms, and not a bomb. This has got to be one of the supposed “peaceful Muslims” that we hear so much about.


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