Just In: Obama’s Plan For His final Few months…you’ve been WARNED

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Our world is turning, and it isn’t for the better. From the sinking economy to healthcare, education, and terrorists rising against the U.S., our country looks much differently than it did when President Barack Obama first took the reins of the country in 2009.

Sadly, the Obama edition is a depressing drama while he is directing the show. Sure, Osama BinLaden is dead, but was that really Obama? No. Nothing has changed with the global Islamic jihad, besides the fact that it’s expanded and grown more threatening.

Who cares though as soon as we get rid of guns this pesky problem will disappear right? Obama has pulled at all the right heartstrings for liberals to follow him like blind loyal puppy dogs. Meanwhile, the United States is sinking faster and faster into a deep abyss.

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The full extent of the brutal attack on the American University in Afghanistan has been uncovered, and it’s not pretty!

As reported by CNN, “A security guard was killed and 21 students were injured Wednesday during an attack on American University of Afghanistan in Kabul, said the head of Kabul Hospitals. The attackers detonated explosives and fired guns when they invaded the campus, witnesses said, causing some students and faculty to flee. Others hid inside buildings while the insurgents remained on campus, a senior State Department official told CNN.

A police operation was set to search for the attackers, said Interior Ministry spokesman Siddiq Siddiqui. As of early Thursday morning local time, it was unclear if the attackers had been found or whether people were still hiding in buildings.

Despite its name, few Americans study at the school, a senior US State Department official told CNN, but a number of Americans serve on the faculty and may be trapped inside buildings. The school is regarded as a symbol of cooperation between Afghanistan and the United States.

Ahmad Samin said he was teaching a chemistry class Wednesday evening when the assailants struck. The attackers opened fire and detonated explosives on the campus. Quickly, the lights went out in Samin’s classroom. “It was very dark, (and) everyone was running. Everyone started screaming,” said Samin, who is a US citizen. “(It) was the scariest moment in my life. I was just thinking about my son and daughter who are in (the United States).” Amid black smoke, he took off running with the students and other faculty, and “the smoke entered my mouth” as he fled, he said.”

The problem is, this is the same American University where two professors, one Australian and the other American, were taken hostage by Islamic jihadists. Of course we know the price tag on an American right now is $100 million. However, that’s not all that’s occurred in Afghanistan this week.

Downrange, as we say in the military, one U.S. Soldier was killed, another wounded in an IED blast in Helmand province. It would appear Obama’s unilateral declaration that combat operations in Afghanistan had ended was not received by all parties.

There are only two ways combat ends: you win or lose. Just declaring you’re going home only serves to embolden an enemy. And when combined with the unconscionable rules of engagement restricting our men and women deployed into these (still) combat zones, you have the perfect recipe for disaster.

The lack of focus on defeating the enemy on the battlefield — actually vanquishing them from said battlefield — is having haunting ramifications. Now, surely there will be the cries of fear and warmongering, but let’s be honest, this is reality.


The fact that the American University in Kabul is being attacked has to be a clear indicator that this is a declared target as it represents Western values and education. I know everyone says this is Afghanistan’s problem. well, it just goes to show that the Obama administration continues, as it did in Benghazi, to abandon Americans under siege.

However, it’s not just American civilians and troops on land, but again those deployed on the seas.

As reports have been coming in, it appears that four Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps Navy vessels were in close pursuit of a U.S. Guided Missile Destroyer in the Persian Gulf near the Straits of Hormuz. Reports are that the Iranian ships came within 300 yards of our vessel, which had to undertake evasive maneuvers. This action comes as we find out that the Obama administration has illegally wired $1.3 billion to the Iranians. This action on sea also comes after the Russians buzzed a U.S. Navy warship some 33 times in a 48-hour period in international waters of the Baltic Seas. And don’t forget the Iranians seizing two of our Riverine assault craft and placing our ten Sailors on their knees at gunpoint.


Imagine what our Sailors must be feeling, knowing this administration not only abandons them and refuses to allow them to defend themselves — but pays the enemy attacking our Sailors! This is truly Pavlovian in that we continue to reward the most abhorrent of behavior and therefore we get more abhorrent behavior.

So what should we do? Well, we should do as President Ronald Reagan did back in 1988 with Operation Praying Mantis. This naval engagement was one of the biggest for America since World War II. It was conducted as a response to the Iranians illegally mining the waters of the Persian Gulf resulting in the Guided Missile Frigate USS Samuel B. Roberts striking a mine – it didn’t sink, but managed to get into port at Dubai. Reagan ordered a retaliatory strike once it was learned that the culprits were the Iranians.

Our Naval force assaulted several Iranian oil platforms as well as engaged and severely damaged or sunk several Iranian naval vessels — the Joshan, the Sahand, and the Sahalan. This is how we respond to belligerent actions by the enemy. You do not harass or assault our American ships in international waters.

In that part of the world, only one lesson is understood: strength. And we’re certainly not showing that quality, instead we’re continually humiliated — perhaps that’s what Obama truly desires?

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There is no way we should have a nuclear agreement with Iran, it should be torn up immediately, too bad that will never happen. Unfortunately, the Iranians know it too. How much more humiliation can we endure? If Hilary pries her way into office this horrible situation will be no different.

Our enemies like Hillary know there are no consequences for their actions and for the rest of Obama’ term we can expect much of the same, and worse if Hillary gets, elected.

We have Barack to thank for the fundamental transformation not just of our United States, but of the once proud character and resolute spirit we were known by.

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