In Your Face, Russians! US Swimmer Beats Juiced-Up Steroid Freak-ski [VIDEO]

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There’s apparently some bad blood between American and Russian swimmers in the Olympics this year. Yulia Efimova, 24, Russian swimmer who has been suspended twice for drug use got a real putdown from American swimmer Lily King.

Efimova was suspended in March for testing positive for performance-enhancing drugs and wasn’t supposed to be in the Olympic pool. A last-minute appeal to Olympic judges overruled the decision. It wasn’t publicly announced how much the Russians had to pay the Olympic judges for that ruling.

Efimova won a semifinal heat Sunday night and waved her finger indicating that she was “number one,” and that gesture wasn’t taken lightly by Lily King.

In true American fashion Lily backed up her finger wag on Monday. When she and Efimova hit the pool in the finals, Lily lead all the way to take the gold in just over a minute. The Russian had to settle for second place more than half a second behind.

After the race was over the American swimmer ignored Efimova and swam over to congratulate her American teammate who finished third.


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