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Everyday Hillary Wakes up and Proves Trump is Right


Donald Trump has been saying Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama founded ISIS and he’s been taking a lot of heat from Democrats with bylines in the media. Some commentators want him charged with “treason” others are just making screaming noises to hear themselves make screaming noises.

The problem is, at least for Democrats with bylines in the media, is that Trump is right.  Not only is Trump right, but Hillary agrees with him. WATCH:

So there you have it. Washington establishment, both Democrats and Republicans, created Al Qaeda to bring down the Soviet Union. “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” Except that the Washington establishment – under Pres. Bill Clinton – walked off the playing field after the collapse of the Soviet Union and stop paying attention to the Middle East.

That created power vacuum in the Middle East and Al Qaeda was suddenly our enemy. The Clinton administration ignored the Middle East preferring to gut the U.S. military for a “peace dividend” after the end of the Soviet Union. Al Qaeda filled that power vacuum.

George W. Bush made a halfhearted attempt in Afghanistan and Iraq to take on Al Qaeda but he refused to fight the Democrats who control the Congress for much of his administration. As a result we still have troops in Afghanistan were largely accomplishing nothing and while our military presence in Iraq was able to stabilize the country Barack Obama refusing to negotiate a status of forces agreement and pulling the troops out created another power vacuum that was again ignored by Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton leading to ISIS.

Unfortunately Obama and Clinton will never be held accountable by the Democratic operatives with bylines in the media.


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