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“Duck & Cover” Has Been Replaced With This


Winston Churchill is spinning in his grave.  When Britain alone faced the Nazi scourge and most thought they would be invaded and occupied Churchill stood and said this.

Today, the British Empire has been reduced to “running and hiding.”

Mark Rowley is the national head of counter-terror for the Brits and in the face of the Muslim invasion here’s what he told the British people this week.

“It may seem blindingly obvious, but some people don’t run, they will duck down where they are, do all sorts of different things in the panic.

“So let’s be really clear – run as far away as possible and when you can’t run any further, hide, and then call the police because we’ve got the people, the resources, the firearms to deal with it.

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He also encouraged Londoners to call the police if they see something suspicious.  What he didn’t note is that if you report something suspicious you’re very likely to be turned out as a racist and an Islamophobe.

We aren’t quite there yet, here in the U.S. but we’re close.  With Barack Obama and Paul Ryan doing everything they can to open our borders and give amnesty to illegal aliens, to bring in hundreds of thousands of “Muslim refugees” without vetting them, and relocating them to your neighborhood, we’re almost there.

The one difference between Britain and Europe and the U.S. is that we have the 2nd Amendment.  At least until Hillary Clinton gets the chance to nominate some Supreme Court Justices.  Paul Ryan and the Republican Establishment are fine with that too.


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