Don’t Mess with Old People. They May be Armed. [VIDEO]

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Thugs like to think old people are easy targets. Thugs also like to think they’re bulletproof. This thug in Detroit discovered too late that neither one of those ideas was true.

No thanks to Barack Obama and the Democratic Party, this gentleman made a choice to not be a victim and his choice likely saved his life. If Democrats had their way this man probably wouldn’t have been able to carry a concealed weapon and would’ve been easy pickings for one of Detroit’s thugs.

Instead, he took advantage of his constitutional right to bear arms and was able to defend himself.

This is just another instance of guns being used for self-defense even though the idiots who want to ban firearms – and make no mistake about it Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton want to confiscate firearms – insist that things like this never happen. In fact, a “good guy with a gun” stops a crime over 100,000 times a year according to FBI statistics.

Good job old man, you might want to spend some more time at the shooting range, your aim was about 12 inches to high.

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