DISTURBING VIDEO: BLM Protester Learned Painfull Lesson About Blocking Traffic

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Revenge surely bit this guy’s black booty in the butt! He thought he was changing the world, it was his chance to be heard…and he was, but not in the way he was hoping. What people heard was a giant THUD.

2016-08-11 12_16_50-DISTURBING VIDEO_ Black Lives Matter Protestor Plowed Down _ TellMeNow

This has happened more than once to Black Lives Matter protesters, you think they would have learned the first couple times. They tried to create delays and inconveniences by blocking traffic, in memory of Michael Brown’s death after he was murdered by cops.

One driver didn’t expect this dark man to come waltzing out of the shadows, and when he did, everyone heard it… the loud noise sounded like a gunshot.


He was moving through the dark expecting to be seen, unfortunately, he wasn’t, and he proved just how dumb people who belong to this group are, they should be embarrassed. The gunshot bystanders heard were the shots being fired at the car who obviously left the scene, probably for their own safety, had they stopped they would have been murdered by other protestors for this idiots negligence. Maybe now they’ve learned their lesson.

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