Disregard Ryan Lochte; what THIS U.S. Olympian did DESERVES media scrutiny

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The Rio Olympic games may be over, but, there are just a few things won’t escape the American eye. There were moments that made U.S. citizens proud and ones that shamed us all.


Ryan Lochte’s frat boy shenanigans, lying, and pathetic excuse for an apology dominated the media cycle.

While all that was happening the media missed one thing that demonstrates the American character we should all aspire to have.

He had every reason to continue on with his event, no one would have thought worse of him for it. Army Reserve and 2nd LT. Sam Kendricks was one of 18 service members who competed in the Rio Olympics. He was outstanding, he qualified for the men’s pole vault, and just as he was about to complete his event he overheard our National Anthem being played. What he did was unbelievable!


This soldier stopped mid-run, he dropped his pole and did what every upstanding soldier always does: stood at attention.




This man didn’t slip or stumble, he gave up everything he wanted to do at that moment, without a second thought. This lieutenant had the ultimate reason to let the song play, but he had respect for our country. We need more men like him. He won the bronze in men’s pole volt earlier in the week with a jump of 19 feet 2 inches, he’s the first American to medal in the event in 12 years!

Sam Kendricks: “Those guys are really proud of me and have given me every chance to continue as a civilian. I am certainly looking to represent the Americans on two fronts, as a military man and as a U.S. athlete,” Kendricks told USA Today. “I’m just trying to put my best foot forward for all those soldiers who are watching.”

He did exactly that!

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