Dear Liberal Women: No, Getting an Abortion is Not “Brave”…You’re A Coward

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To the women who anoint themselves heroes for killing their unborn babies…

You’re cowards, Stone-cold, murderous cowards. In fact, you may just be the scum between my toes. This letter sums it up pretty well. ICONATOR_bd12c2205222e1ef74db7332e5

There are three types of evil woman that murder their children. Type one, the manipulated victim. She thinks she has to kill a baby to keep her loved ones close. They may be pressured by parents to get rid of their “burden”. Most of these women go through horrible grief, some even for the rest of their lives. (this isn’t for them).

Type two, the ignorant women who are gullible and believe whatever lies spew from planned parent hood’s propaganda. She believes that her child with a heartbeat is just a blob of tissue that can be tossed away in the garbage can. (this article isn’t to her either).

Then there’s the martyr, the worthless piece of crap that has willfully tossed her baby in the trash and pass it off as bravery. She lies to herself and says she is a courageous, fierce, fighter who stands up to the evil pro-lifers. This article is for you. To be more specific it’s to the @TwoWomenTravel on Twitter.

These two women congratulated themselves on the murder of their children and exploited it to feel better about what they had just done. Then, they cheered on other women who have “daring bravery” to do the same with their kiddos.

Here’s their epic abortion quest…

You women? You’re not “brave.” You’re not “courageous.” Two words you use liberally in your tweeting-spree, but have no application to your actions or your characters.


You may believe what you’re doing, (in this case leaving Ireland where abortion is illegal, to obtain an abortion elsewhere) is inspiring, but you simply left one country where murder is illegal, to kill your victim in another. While scoring political points from your pro-abortion coven of she-demons.

Many of us sympathize with women who have aborted their children if they were emotionally manipulated to do so. These abortive mothers’ overwhelming guilt and crippling grief helps with the sympathy. But I not only have zero sympathy for you, I believe you to be some of the most spineless, unknowingly evil women alive.

Have I crystalized my opinion clearly enough for you?

Your little Twitter stream? You know what it’s lacking? Any reference to the child being vacuumed out of the womb. In fact you don’t reference the baby at all. Not surprising, given any mention of the child’s humanity is is a giant, boo-boo no-no in the How to Be Pro-Abortion Monster Handbook.

Here you are, on the plane, trying to fabricate a Sisterhood of the Sorceresses Who Suck Their Babies from their Bodies (trademark pending):

2016-08-24 23_12_08-Dear Liberal Women_ No, Getting an Abortion is Not “Brave”... » Louder With Crow

“Solidarity.” “Exiled.” Ooooh, big words. Powerful words. Here are some you forgot: “aspiration,” “curettage,” as well as “dismemberment,” and “induction.” Sure, they don’t have the same lofty ring to them, but they’re far more applicable to the scenario you’re willfully celebrating, I thought they deserved an honorable mention.

2016-08-24 23_13_00-Dear Liberal Women_ No, Getting an Abortion is Not “Brave”... » Louder With Crow
Ah, the friend who’s getting her baby torn out of her womb. Here the Tweeter, or more accurately referred to as “the accomplice,” tweets how the soon-to-be-killer, is “calm” and “brave.” You advance that cute little narrative with this tweet:

2016-08-24 23_13_33-Dear Liberal Women_ No, Getting an Abortion is Not “Brave”... » Louder With Crow
“Courage” this time, and there’s “solidarity” again too. And a heart emoji! Interesting choice. I personally would’ve gone with…

A dismembered ear. Or…

A knife, to represent how the baby was likely cut up prior to be sucked out of the womb. Or this one…


Representing your unborn baby who is now dead. Who you give no mention of as you “thank” the people who helped you murder her. Also no pictures of the procedure itself. Weird.
2016-08-24 23_14_44-Dear Liberal Women_ No, Getting an Abortion is Not “Brave”... » Louder With Crow

You failed that unborn child. You failed motherhood. You failed one of the most sacred, cherished aspects of being a woman. You failed to give life when life was entrusted to you. Also, why not call the “procedure” an abortion? Why the attempt to keep the language all G-rated with butterflies? Rhetorical. Read Dear Leftists: If There’s Nothing Wrong with Abortion, Why are you Hiding it So?

2016-08-24 23_15_00-Dear Liberal Women_ No, Getting an Abortion is Not “Brave”... » Louder With Crow
Twice. You used “brave” twice.


That’s why you’re a coward, that’s why you’re a failure. You are not brave, no matter how many times you tell yourselves you are. You’re the opposite of brave. You define cowardice.

Let’s take a look at the definition of brave “ready to face and endure danger or pain; showing courage”….that doesn’t sound like these women at all. It’s not brave to escape responsibility, it’s not brave to take the easy way out because you have million reasons that you can’t deal with a child.

Brave would’ve been allowing that beautiful little boy or girl to live, putting the baby’s life and happiness, above your own, it could even be giving the baby away to a family who will love her like crazy.

These women would have been brave to give the child up despite the unbelievable desire to keep them after they’re born because it’s better them to have the life you wish you could give them. They would have been brave if they’d gone against the grain and done what was right when society tells you something different. Let’s be clear, bravery is overcoming challenges, not killing an innocent life to make your own easier.

These women are the epitome of failures, weak pieces of trash, that convince themselves otherwise. May God have mercy on you. As for me, I have none.

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