Couple Cleans Their Hotel Room & Discovers Disturbing Thing They Slept On

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Ever get the stomach turning grossed out feeling when you lay down in a hotel bed, then you force all of the horrid things that could have happened there out of your mind? Chalk this up to yet another reason I would rather sleep in my car than stay in a hotel.

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After getting a peaceful nights rest at a reputable hotel, this happy vacationing couple was all set to leave. It was when they started picking up their things that they noticed something was seriously wrong with the room, under the bed to be exact. What was worse was that they’d just spent an entire night sleeping above the disturbing thing that someone left behind.

The couple, checked into the seaside resort in Thailand, excited and ready for a relaxing tropical vacation. When they turned in for the night after a long day, they got what they thought was a great night’s sleep.

Things started going terribly wrong when the pair started smelling something in the room. They called for assistance to help determine the source of the smell that had slowly crept in.

That’s when everything got a tad more intense, they located the smell under the bed, they had no idea what they were going to find but when the housekeeper helped them turn the matress so they could get a closer look, they found it, sitting there in all its smelly glory.

As they slowly lifted the mattress the couple and housekeeper discovered a deceased rotting corpse of a transgender woman. The situation went from sickening to horrifying when they discovered just who put the body there…


‘But it wasn’t until after a Thai couple had checked in and slept on the bed.’
Two teenage boys, aged 17 and 14, have been arrested for allegedly killing the woman, identified as 28-year-old Amphon Kongsong, according to the Bangkok Post.
Police said that the two boys have admitted to murdering her, the paper reported.

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Kropphet said that the 17-year-old got to know Amphon on Facebook, was persuaded by her to look for a job in Pattaya and then let her check him and his 14-year-old friend into the hotel.
She spent a few nights with the boys but a fight broke out when the 17-year-old rejected her advances, Kropphet said.
The 17-year-old allegedly strangled her while the 14-year-old helped to restrain her.


Just when you thought you grew up and stopped being scared of the dark, you find giant adult sized monsters hiding beneath your bed. To top it off they smell bad! Gross. These two teen boys must have had ZERO parental guidance growing up to be running off with a perverted transgender man and then murder him. I feel bad for the poor couple who also had to sleep with the he/she…traumatizing!

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