Corrupt USDA Sides With Islam, See The Sick Thing Happening To Your Meat!

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There is corruption in every facet of our country. This proves it. Barack Obama’s U.S. Department of Agriculture is now siding with Islam, make no mistake they are trying desperately to keep it hidden. This is absolutely sickening and it’s going on with our grocery store meat. I’m no vegetarian, but, before you take another bite of that juicy steak, this is something you need to know.

In order for meat to be considered halal, it has to go through a very specific ritualized process that adheres to sharia law? The meat has to be prayed over and dedicated to Allah as a sacrifice. If that was all then I would just think it was stupid and go on eating the fakely “blessed” meat, but it’s not, the animals must also suffer a horrific brutal death in order to be ready for our terrorists to consume.

As previously reported by Mad World News, here are just a few of the rules for slaughtering meat in order to be labeled as halal:
The name of Allah must be invoked at the time of slaughter.
Slaughter must be made by cutting the neck from the front (chest) to the back.
The windpipe, food-tract, and both jugular veins must be cut through when slaughtering.
The animal must be alive as it’s being slaughtered.
No electric shock, stunning, or severance of the spinal cord should be made to ease the pain before the animal is slaughtered. These methods may lead to the death of the animal before slaughter.
Slaughter must be done manually, not by a machine.
In a recent interview with Breitbart news, Pamela Geller revealed that Barack Obama’s U.S. Department of Agriculture is now siding with Sharia law and Muslims, refusing to label meat slaughtered in this fashion as halal and ignoring a petition that demanded meats be labeled halal because of increasing concerns over this horrifying ritualistic slaughter of animals.

Demanding full disclosure of this fact is not being Islamophobic as many Muslims claim, but out of moral and ethical concerns related to purchasing this type of meat. Geller drove home this point in her interview with Breitbart.

“This is strictly a false labeling and consumer choice issue. Religious people — Jews, Muslims, and others — should have the freedom to have meat and poultry products produced in a way that meets their needs,” wrote Gellar. “Conversely, consumers who don’t wish to consume ritually slaughtered products have a right to sufficient labeling information.”

“Under the current system, ritually slaughtered meat and poultry is not sufficiently labeled for consumers to be able to choose exactly what they want. Labeling can be misleading and untruthful in what it does not say if key facts are omitted. Consumers should have the ability to be able to choose for themselves if they want to eat ritually slaughtered products.”

Are we living with our eyes half open? How can we stand this kind of torture? There was the biggest uproar over animal rights not too long ago, and it still goes on today, but, somehow it’s okay to be even more brutal when it’s Muslims that are doing the torturing? Good gosh here we go with that double standard again. Muslims can do whatever they want because Obama favors them over the American people.

If you like your meat halal approved then, by all means, skip the video, but if you want to know what goes on behind that burger you’re biting into then watch the video below.

These poor animals are treated so cruelly and then succumb to a slow, very painful, death. The videos may be graphic but it is important to know what’s going on and not blindly ignore what’s happening behind the scenes with our meat. Just when you thought the Islamic civilization couldn’t push themselves any further into our community they do.

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