Cops Didn’t Expect to See THIS In the Back of DUI Suspect’s Car…

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If you’ve ever been pulled over by a policeman, it can be embarrassing. I have been pulled over, but never for a DUI, but then again, I take extreme caution when driving after I’ve been drinking. I either don’t drive or I don’t drink more than a couple drinks when I do drive. It’s really not worth the risk. It seems this woman, not only got pulled over after drinking, but also got caught with her baby in the back seat in an unusual situation.

A baby discovered covered in vomit in the backseat of an DUI driver’s vehicle was given a good wash and some TLC at a West Virginia Police station on Tuesday night.


H/T DailyMail:

The one-year-old boy was a complete mess when he was found in the back of his mother’s car. After she was arrested, her son was taken away by cops and given a bath in the kitchen sink at police HQ.

He was then wrapped in a towel and cradled him until Child Protective Service officials arrived.

‘We made an arrest for DUI,’ said trooper B.R. Wood, with the Princeton detachment to the Bluefield Daily Telegraph. Cops found the little guy sitting in the back seat.

‘The one-year-old baby boy was in the backseat covered in vomit. The vehicle was disabled, so we brought the baby boy back.

‘He was the best little baby. He had just started to nod off when Child Protective Services arrived.’


It seems the baby of the woman pulled over by the cops, was sick for awhile. The little guy has since been placed with a legal guardian under the supervision of CPS.

Wood said the driver of the vehicle faces a charge of DUI with a minor, which carries a misdemeanor penalty of not less than two days or more than 12 months in jail, and a fine of not less than $200 or more than $1,000.

Let’s hope the mother will think twice before getting behind the wheel of a car next time after drinking. Let’s also hope she never puts this little boy’s life at risk again, because next time she may not be so lucky or should I say, this baby boy may not be so lucky! To this woman, and others – do us all a favor – if you’re out drinking call Uber or get a cab. Don’t risk your life or the lives of others, especially those you love. It’s just not worth it!

I might also add, “Hat’s off” to the Princeton troopers who took especially good care of this little guy! Our men and women in blue don’t always get the respect they deserve, especially under Obama’s administration.


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