Cop Kills Deaf/Unarmed White Man, Guess What Media’s Hiding About This Little Incident

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Have you heard the news about the North Carolina state trooper who assassinated an unarmed deaf man? Most likely you haven’t and there is a very good explanation for it.

Everything is racist to the left, until, it doesn’t fit their agenda. There were no protests, no moving speech from Obama, or rants on CNN berating their listeners about the problems of police violence.

If a black guy gets shot by a white cop, it’s automatically racist, regardless of the situation. It’s like a liberal reflex. However, if a black cop shoots a white unarmed deaf man, totally not racist, even better, it’s not even news!!

It doesn’t fit the narrative the mainstream media has been promoting for years — that evil white cops were driving around hunting for unarmed black men.

You see, Trooper Jermaine Saunders is black, and the man he shot, 29-year-old Daniel Kevin Harris, was white. He was also deaf and could not speak.


The incident took place last Thursday in Charlotte after authorities said Harris led Saunders on a brief chase after he tried to pull him over for speeding, WCNC reported.

When Harris arrived at his home with Saunders behind him, he got out of his car and, according to witnesses, began trying to communicate with the trooper using sign language.

But witnesses said Saunders shot Harris “almost immediately” when Harris got our of the vehicle.

Saunders contended that he shot Harris because he was not following commands and was advancing towards him.

His brother Jay Harris told the media…“He was unarmed — and he is a deaf individual, and I think that he was just afraid,” Harris’

“He could not hear their warnings. He could not hear their commands to stop or to stay away from them,” he said, and then added that his mother is still in the hospital with a heart condition since the shooting.

This is baffling. Should we take liberal silence to mean that it is okay for cops to kill when are afraid for their lives, or maybe, and this is the more likely answer, white lives don’t matter at all.

The media is not covering this because it simply does not fit the profile to create racial tension. Even if this were blasted all over the media, you wouldn’t see white people rioting and burning down towns because, justified or not, a white person was killed by a black officer.

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