Colin Kaepernick Sits for National Anthem, Stands for BLM – Time For A Boycott!

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In 2012 Colin Kaepernick was at the top of his game. He had just led his team to the Super Bowl but came up shy as the Baltimore Ravens defeated the San Francisco 49ers 34-31. A year later, in 2013, he led his team to the NFC Championship which resulted in a loss to the Russell Wilson and the Seatle Seahawks.

Then came 2014 and his 6-year contract extension of $126 million with $54 million in potential guarantees and about $13 million fully  guaranteed. He had an image and a “Kap7” brand and was getting some huge endorsements from companies like McDonalds, Beats by Dre, and Tata Motors which included the brands of Jaguar and MusclePharm.


Colin Kaepernick was just hitting his stride when the endorsements came in. His agent was and still is Shawn M. Smith, PR & Marketing Directing for X-A-M Sports.

On their webpage their statement reads:

X-A-M Sports is an athlete representation firm which represents many of the top players in the NFL in the areas of contract negotiations, marketing and public relations.
With offices in Madison, Wisconsin and Washington, DC, X-A-M Sports’ dedicated and experienced staff is committed to the highest standards of professionalism and service.
Ms. Smith stated back in January 2013 that she and Colin “decided to take the long-term approach and not jump into any partnerships that may include short-term gains at the potential expense of building a worthwhile long-term portfolio.”

Furthermore,  Ms. Smith stated Colin had “no interest in doing a big campaign or being on a big billboard.”

In addition, she added,  ”I have to move him out of that sometimes, because he’s just football.  There are some players who really like to talk about all those other opportunities off the field and really get excited about them, but he’s really not interested in that.  His only focus is on football.

She also said it was HER job to “balance Kaepernick’s desire to remain dedicated to his sport with an interest in growing and protecting his brand…OOPS!!!!

Sounds like Ms. Smith just failed at her job. If she was protecting “Kap” and protecting HIS brand and image…she should have advised him better. In defense of Ms. Smith, maybe she did and he didn’t listen, but my guess is…KAP just blew it BIG TIME with his endorsements.

What WERE those endorsements?

In May 2013, Kap announced his endorsement deal with Tata Motors, a multi-national British car manufacturer of Jaguar. Kap even used social media to show his very nice ride – a $92,000 maroon convertible Jaguar and kissed his bicep (known by his fans as “Kaepernicking”).


Sweet ride…not sure how much longer Kap will have that though. I’m guessing he better be enjoying the ride, because it could be his last.

In addition to the endorsement deal by Jaguar, “Kap” also was endorsed by MoGo sport mouth guards. A company that specializes in flavored mouth guards. The mouthguards come in flavors of lemon, fruit punch bubble gum and others. Kap favored something a little fruity – more like the “fruit punch”.  Go figure – Kap being a “fruity” fan.

In 2013, Kap also did a McDonald’s “Mighty Wings” commericail with Joe Flacco, QB of the Baltimore Ravens:

Looks like Kap will be winging it all right! “Winging” it to a new sponsor. I highly doubt McD’s will be calling on Kap in the very near future.

Finally, Kaepernick was endorsed by MuclePharm.

The nutritional supplement company’s mission statement is to “develop and bring to market the most scientifically advanced, safest nutritional and sports supplementation products possible.”

MusclePharm said this back in March 2013 after signing Kap:

“Kaepernick’s reputation as a workout fanatic coupled with his amazing physique makes him an ideal fit with the MusclePharm brand,” said fou335nder and CEO Brad Pyatt. “He is both an articulate and charismatic young man with a work ethic and competitive drive that complement his dynamic athleticism. We are thrilled to have him represent MusclePharm.”

Not so sure they are STILL so “thrilled”. Are you?

Brands and images are important and once you lose your image or your brand becomes flawed, it effects your profits. Just ask Target after their ordeal with the transgender bathrooms. After a huge drop in profits and stock, Target recently announced it’s going to spend about $20 million to add single-stall washrooms and/or prvate washrooms in all of their stores by 2017.

Colin Kaepernick took a stand to support the “oppresion” of blacks, in a country where we have a black president and where he’s been given the priviledge of starting as a black QB in the NFL. Because Kap was disrespectful to not only the military, but to police officers as well, and SAT during the National Anthem, like Target, his brand and image have been tarnished. Those brands like Jaguar, MoGo Sport and MusclePharm will all take “a hit” when it comes to profits this year, mark my word. Not that I can afford a Jaguar, but certainly if I could I would NOT be buying one, especially now!

It’s time to take a STAND for liberty, justice, all our military and all law enforcement officers across the nation. Boycott the brands Colin Kaepernick represents. Let them – Jaguar, MusclePharm and MoGO Sport –  know YOU do NOT stand with Kap. You do NOT support his actions. You do NOT support HIS brand or THEIRS and you will NOT buy their products!!!!

In addition, you won’t catch me even watching a 49ers game until this douchebag is gone from the team.







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