He Claims ‘ I Was Mixing A Protein Shake” Behind Wheel Of The Car, What He Was Really Doing…

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How embarrassed would you be if you were mixing your protein shake on the way home from the gym, when all of the sudden, you hear squeals of disgust?

This 21-year-old Nebraskan man tried to convince police that the bystanders had witnessed him mixing a protein shake, but they refused to change their testimony…

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Nathan Grimes was arrested on Tuesday for masturbating in public. This isn’t his first offense either, he’s been accused on two separate occasions of indecent exposure. His first little exhibitionist “outing” was a week prior to this incident.

Police say that a 35-year-old woman was filling up her car with gas when she saw him pleasuring himself inside his Mazda… poor thing, that’s something you can’t unsee!

This guy went so quick that by the time she took out her phone to call 911 he’d finished and left, no wonder he’s lonely. A couple days later police received a phone call from yet another very disturbed woman who claimed she was walking out of Casey’s General Store when out of the corner of her eye she spotted the very same man masturbating behind the wheel of a white Mazda.

The case is looking pretty strong against this thrill seeker since both women reported the same description at different times with the same plate number, which is what led police to track him down.

There is a big difference between shaking a protein shake and shaking something else, you have to give him credit for a clever alibi, though! Unfortunately for him, police were not so easily convinced of his awesome excuse, they booked him into the county jail. Later he was released, but, is due back in court September 20th.

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