School Outlaws Calling Children ‘Boys’ & ‘Girls’ – What Next? You don’t wanna know..

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Insanity is the new common sense and is reigning high in North Carolina as teachers have been told to stop calling the children “boys and girls,”!

Stop the world and let me off! The inmates are now officially running the asylum and our children are being abused in the public schools.

We have watched our educational system degrade into a vile pit of political correctness and now children have been reduced to a bunch off ‘Its’!

The transgender guidelines written by the progressives who control Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools are downright absurd!

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Teachers are being ‘politely asked’ (Note my sarcasm) to relegate themselves to only call school children, “students” or “scholars.”.

But it gets worse! If a boy decides that he is a girl, he now has free reign to spend the night with the girls on any overnight school trip! Of course, the parents are not allowed to even know about it due to privacy rules! Our very way of life is hanging in the balance!

They wanted to let boys and girls use the same showers but decided to hold off due to recent Federal Court Rulings.

Political correctness strikes the school again by removing the words ‘Boys’ and ‘Girls’ and allowing boys to stay with girls on overnight trips!

The district even utilized a “gender unicorn” cartoon character to teach the kids how they must accept any degenerate lifestyle available.

The insanity even includes forcing teachers to avoid certain words or phrases that might ‘offend’ transgender students – words like ‘transgendered’! WHAT!!!!

These pious control freaks have turned our schools into a joke and teachers can’t even teach children anymore due to all the distractions. The results are going to be catastrophic for this next generation.

I do not care if a guy wants to wear chiffon, but to force the acceptance of “queer, cis gender, non-binary, genderqueer and gender nonconforming” lifestyles on young children is horrendous!

But if you really want to know what the true absurdity if the whole issue is, it is in the stats.

Only 0.3 percent of Americans identify as transgender. Now that is the adult population. That number severely declines at the school level. These idiot progressives want to cause chaos for the whole over what probably amounts to less than 1 student in a school.

It is time we stand up and take back our schools before they decide bestiality and incest are required subjects for 1st graders!

If you do not think that is coming, think again!

NC School Outlaws Calling Children 'Boys' & 'Girls' - What Next?





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