Breaking: Will Texas Secede If Hillary Wins This November?

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When you hear politicians accuse their opponents of trying to divide the country, they usually don’t mean it literally. But Texans dread the possibility of a Hillary Clinton presidency so much that three out of five of them would rather secede from the United States than live through it.

This election there may be a change coming our way. Texas has had enough, shocking polls have shed light on the desires of many if the elections this November go south. In fact, three out of five Texans would rather secede from the United States than survive through the Clinton reign.

In a rare general election poll a leftist public polling firm asked voters a mostly hypothetical question, would they support or oppose Texas seceding from the U.S., their answer, nothing short of obvious…

Forty percent of voters said they support the secession. Honestly, I’d hoped the number would have been higher, but, overall Texans are more than upset with the government, they are FURIOUS.

Overall, 54 percent of Texans said they disapprove of President Obama’s job performance.

The PPP poll released Tuesday reports that “A Democratic victory in Texas this year remains a stretch.” It adds though, “but within the numbers there are signs of Democrats being positioned to become seriously competitive there in the years ahead.” The polling company said it was looking at the present Republican 63-33 advantage among seniors. They conclude “Older voters are overwhelmingly responsible for the Republican advantage in Texas, and generational change is likely to help Democrats become more competitive.” Growth in racial diversity, including what the poll calls “the state’s booming Hispanic population,” would also be responsible for “that generational change,” they said.

The poll shows that Clinton is unpopular in Texas and has a 36/59 favorability rating. Trump maintains a 40 percent favorability rating.

Trump voters agree with precautionary warnings that the election is rigged. If Clinton wins, a whopping 71 percent said that it would be because the election was rigged while roughly 40% of Texans overall would feel the same. The poll specifically reported that 40 percent of Trump voters “think ACORN will steal the election for Hillary Clinton.”

As reported by Breitbart Texas previously in May, Houston-based True the Vote discovered hundreds of cases of duplicated voter registrations in the Cleveland, Ohio area with approximately 30 percent of those findings caused by falsified birth dates and social security numbers provided by ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now).

After ACORN was formally shutdown, 18 employees were convicted or admitted guilt to committing election crimes, according to Fox News. As the Breitbart Texas article outlines, a large percentage of the work that ACORN engaged in has been officially questioned.

Besides the “ACORN” query, the poll contained another headline-grabber. It asked, “If the candidates for President were Democrat Hillary Clinton, Republican Donald Trump, Independent Deez Nuts, and Independent Harambe, who would you vote for?” Harambe was the gorilla who was put to sleep after a four-year-old boy fell into the enclosure at the Cincinnati Zoo, as reported by Breitbart News. Breitbart has also reported that the Democratic polling firm has included a teenager named “Deez Nuts” in presidential polls in the past.

Forty-one percent of those polled called themselves “Republican,” 24 percent identified as “Independent” or “Other,” and 35 percent said they were “Democrat.” Thirty percent described themselves as “Moderate,” 29 percent said they where “Somewhat conservative,” 19 percent identified as “Very conservative,” 13 percent “Somewhat liberal,” and 9 percent described themselves as “Very liberal.”

Hillary may be running a country full of terrorists after November, because, every American will be fleeing the country if she cheats her way into power. According to her stance on immigration, there will be a flood of immigrants, around 9 million refugees according to reports, into our country should she be queen. Think of Germany, they allowed one million migrants in and their criminal/terrorist activity his risen astronomically.


The future some people have long envisioned in the Lone Star State, might finally be drawing close, who’s packing up and fleeing to Texas away from the wicked witch if she takes over? I am!

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