Breaking: Snowflake Students Protest 2nd Amendment With…SEX TOYS!? VIDEO

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Ever seen a giant dildo hanging from someone’s backpack in a college of all places? Some people never grow up. The rational argument that American citizens should keep our second amendment rights are being protested by a very irrational group of immature children passing themselves off as adults.

Since obscenity is banned from this Texas college, students who disagree with our right to protect ourselves are fighting back with immaturity AKA dildos. It’s only fair right? If we can discreetly carry guns on our person for protection, then they can openly display penis dildos.

Oh man, the rational arguments leftists use for gun control are HILARIOUS. They know nothing about firearms, which leads to very funny conversations about gun issues.

Leftists use logic like whipping out sex toys to spite those who want to benefit from their basic right to protect themselves. This is the REAL DEAL.

Don’t watch this video at work, unless you work at home…alone.

I dunno…this girl might be onto something BIG here!

Students and activists at the University of Texas at Austin voiced their displeasure with the campus carry law that went into effect earlier this month across the state by strapping sex toys to their backpacks and grabbing suggestively themed T-shirts.
Um. I know in some works of literature, weapons like swords or long guns are phallic symbols, but I’m just not sure how protesting guns on campus inspired these “students” to think the best way to protest was with dildos. Someone want to help me out here?

A protest organizer told the Austin American-Statesman that if the demonstration seemed over the top, that was the intent. Ana López said the demonstration was created to flout obscenity laws while protesting legalizing handguns on campus.

The protests, though, seemed to be getting little serious pushback. University administrators were quick to describe the protest as protected political speech. And a student concealed carry group also supported the protesters’ free speech rights, touting a “gun/dildo alliance.”

That last sentence is the key to dealing with college leftists…subtly mock them. “You’re right. Just like I’m legally allowed to carry a gun for my protection, you should legally be allowed to wave your sex toys around all willy nilly.”

I haven’t even had my coffee yet…

What the strap-on students don’t seem to understand is the remaining constitutional Amendments which follow the First Amendment. While yes, the Dames of the Dildo have the “right” to wave around their giant rubber dicks, other students have a Second Amendment right to protect themselves from those wishing them harm. Say, for example, a female student might carry a gun to protect herself from the alleged “rape culture” (not a real thing, the “rape culture”), so when a male equipped with more than a vibrator attacks her, she can drop him with a weapon. Which is not a phallic symbol.


But of course you know all that. Admit it, you came to this article to LOL at the idiot students who are now forever on camera, seen supporting the handing out of sex toys to combat Second Amendment rights. Not exactly what I’d call an intelligent move, but to each her own. I’d love to be on the interview panel when this woman tries to get a serious job, though. Can you imagine?

In all seriousness, what will these students do in the event of a shooting on campus? Fling condoms and clock them over the head with fake penises?

We couldn’t let them get away the pure stupidity, it was time to prove how senseless our anti-gun friends really are…we have Crowder to thank for this lovely little clip!

Thanks to this comedian there are permanent laugh lines on my face now..thanks a lot.

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