Another Day, Another Slip and Stumble For Brain-damaged Hillary: Watch This [VIDEO]

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If it hadn’t been for VP Joe Biden Hillary Clinton would’ve been face down in the crowd in Pennsylvania yesterday.

There have been questions for months about Clinton’s health. The Clinton campaign is ignore them as have Democratic operatives with bylines in the major media.

Hillary conveniently used a slip and fall in her home to avoid testifying before the Benghazi committee for months. Health questions came up at that time but were ignored long enough that they went away. Her slip and fall routines are happening often enough now that even the Democratic operatives with bylines may not be able to avoid talking about it.

Democratic operatives with bylines – also known as the Clinton News Network – may not want to talk about it, but Donald Trump certainly has no problem talking about it. I expect he’s going to keep talking about it and I also expect Hillary’s going to keep slipping and falling.

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