Breaking: ‘Rising Democratic Star’ Kathleen Kane’s Criminal Case Reaches Verdict!

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Kathleen Kane was on her way up the political ladder, she even followed in Hillary’s criminal footsteps which should have assured her a get out of jail/criminal charges free card. Kane was once played up as a potential United States Senator, on Monday, her political aspirations vanished into thin air as well as her so-called “friends in high places”. Don’t make deals with the devil Kathleen, he won’t have your back!

Refusing to admit she did anything wrong, Kathleen stomped her foot and pouted her lip like a little child during a tantrum, “I will not allow them to discredit me or our office.” she stated. Well…pretty sure you did that yourself Kathleen.

Montgomery County District Attorney Risa Vetri Ferman, a Republican who filed the charges against Kane, said that Kane had “devised a scheme to secretly leak confidential information and secret grand jury materials” for retribution against Fina. Montgomery County is just north of Philadelphia.
The scheme was reportedly to get back at people who’d made “her look bad”:

Ferman said Kane did this “in the hopes of embarrassing and harming former state prosecutors whom she believed, without evidence, had made her look bad.”

The other charges brought by Ferman allege that Kane then lied under oath to a grand jury about knowledge of the 2009 documents and her involvement in leaking them to journalists, among other things, to help cover up the crime.

On Monday, the hammer came down, and Kane was found guilty on nine criminal charges.

According to The New York Times, the judge also had a stinging message for Kane:

When Judge Wendy Demchick-Alloy returned to the courtroom, she turned directly to Ms. Kane with a stern warning, her words slicing through the silence.

“There is to be absolutely no retaliation of any kind against any witness in this case, either by your own devices, from your own mouth or your hand, or directing anybody to do anything,” the judge said. She threatened Ms. Kane, who is currently free on bail, with immediate incarceration if she failed to comply.

The judge spoke harshly..“Is that clear, Ms. Kane?” “Yes it is, your honor,” Kane replied immediately. There must be a terrible sinking feeling in her gut, much like when you were young and got sent to the principles offices, only this time, she is going to have real consequences, like being forced to resign upon sentencing, according to the law. The New York Times reports, her two felony perjury convictions could land her a hefty seven years each in prison.


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