BREAKING: Obama Administration paid $400M ‘Ransom to Iran’ for US Prisoners

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On the same day that Obama has the gall to come out publicly and say Donald Trump is “unfit to serve” as the next president, Americans learn about “secret meetings” and $2 billion of “ransom money” Obama paid to get our American prisoners released from Iran. Obama should look into a mirror!

The Obama administration paid Iran nearly $2 billion in a ‘ransom payment’ to release U.S. prisoners after at least two years of secret talks between Washington and Tehran.

Five prisoners were freed by Iran in January this year, with a $1.7billion payment heading from the U.S. to the Islamic republic that day, according to official documents obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.


At least two years of secret talks led to the deal that officials claim is a settlement relating to one of more than 1,000 long-standing legal disputes that began after the 1979 Iranian Revolution.

Five U.S. citizens imprisoned in Iran – Washington Post journalist Jason Rezaian, Pastor Saeed Abedini, former U.S. Marine Amir Hekmati, Matthew Trevithick and Nosratollah Khosravi-Roodsari – were released in a landmark prisoner swap in January.

In return, seven Iranian detainees in American were freed, although none returned to Iran.

It later emerged that $1.7billion was sent to Tehran that day, with critics branding the money a ‘ransom payment’.

Republican Congresman Michael Pompeo asked the State Department to explain the payment, and has finally received a response.


The letter does not address allegations that the payment related to the release of the prisoners, but does say that the Obama administration first began talks with Iranian officials over outstanding legal claims leveled against the U.S. by Iran in 2014.

These date back to the Iranian Revolution in 1979, which led to the U.S. cancelling an arms deal and eventually ended with the Iranian hostage crisis at the U.S. Embassy in Tehran.

The settlement in January included a $400 million payment plus $1.3billion in interest, all from the taxpayer’s pocket.

‘When Iran releases American hostages, and then, on that same day, President Obama announces he is paying Iran $1.7billion, Congress of course has to ask the hard questions,’ a source told the Free Beacon.

‘And when the Obama administration admits that over $1billion in taxpayer money is going to the Iranian regime, Congress is obligated to respond. 


Obama previously called this Iran deal a “legacy issue with multiple layers”. He’s certainly right about the “multiple layers”, as the layers seem to be peeling after two years of “secret meetings” and a slew of legal inquiries.  Americans are going to hear the Democrats’ and Obama’s “spin” on this, we can be assured of that. Here’s an idea. Maybe they can blame it on another movie. However, I doubt the majority of Conservatives will buy it this time.

Next time you hear Obama or Hillary Clinton call anyone “unfit to serve” take a look at all of their illegal actions they have done while in office. Then ask yourself…”What happened to the America, I once knew?” and “If this administration is so transparent, why are all these secret meetings and deals taking place without the approval or knowledge of Congress?”.

Finally, do you want to know why you see both Republicans AND Democrats supporting Donald Trump for President? Because, ALL Americans are FED UP with all the lying, political correctness and deceitfulness.


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