BREAKING – Man Stabs Two Random Victims… He yelled WHAT? [VIDEO]


A man whose name happens to be Farooqui stabbed two victims “at random” in Roanoke County, Virginia. The stabbing victims are in serious condition in the hospital and initial police reports indicate the attacker didn’t know the victims.

What could be the motive for a crime like this?

Oh yeah, “Allahu Akbar.” He’s a radical Methodist.

Our man with a knife, the radical Methodist, actually showed up at the emergency room where his victims were being treated with injuries of his own. Police were on the ball and noticed that he just happened to fit the description of the suspect and stabbing so they arrested him.

Apparently Mr. Farooqui had been trying to go to Syria earlier this year but was only able to get as far in Europe. Authorities aren’t sure whether he’s an American citizen.

Why would a Methodist want to go to Syria, you may be asking. Oops, my mistake. I’ve only had one cup of coffee today. He belongs to that other religion that starts with an “M.” Those people that Barack Obama and Paul Ryan are trying desperately to relocate into your neighborhood.

And in the “this makes me feel warm and fuzzy” department, apparently the FBI has had Mr. Farooqui on their radar for several months. The geniuses that work for FBI Director Comey believe that this terrorist was “self-radicalized.”

And Hillary Clinton didn’t commit a crime with her email server.

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