BREAKING: ISIS Reveals Truth, Issues Shocking Statement To War Hero’s Family

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Khizr Khan’s impassioned, controversial praise to his son at the Democrat National Convention is still making waves. Democrats argue that it’s proof our Republican nominee Donald Trump should not be president.


Conservatives have the general opinion that the speech was a scandal ploy by Dems and had ZERO to do with ISIS. Because we didn’t have enough opinions on the speech already our terrorists have given their two cents to the issue…

They said Humayun Khan died an infidel’s death … and issued a strong warning to his family.

According to PJ Media, Dabiq 15 — the Islamic State’s online magazine — began with a picture of Capt. Khan’s Arlington Cemetery headstone with the sickening caption, “Beware of dying as an apostate.” They went on to say that Capt. Khan’s service to America meant that he had strayed and had thus been cast into the fiery depths of the afterlife’s less desirable neighborhoods.

Just in case you thought it was just them, the writers at Dabiq 15 even quoted the Quran on the subject:

“Indeed, the Prophet said, “Whoever dies unbound by a bay’ah (pledge of allegiance) has died a jahili (ignorant of Muhammad’s teachings) death” (Muslim),” the article read.

“And he said, ‘Whoever dislikes something in his leader, let him be patient. For whoever leaves the obedience of lawful authority, even a hand span (and dies), has died the death of Jahiliyyah’ (Al-Bukhari and Muslim).”

In other words, he who leaves Islamic authority by fighting for America has become ignorant of Muhammad’s teachings and deserving of everlasting punishment.

Let me be clear, before liberals fire up the ol’ email client: I get that there are numerous interpretations of those passages. I also get that most Muslims probably would interpret it another way. Let me also be clear that Capt. Khan was a hero, and that I have no doubt his religious beliefs played an important part in his belief that he had a duty to serve and love his country. None of this is in question. None of this has ever been in question.

None of this also has anything to do with whether unfettered, unvetted immigration from nations where terrorist movements control large swaths of territory (and have promised to sneak their operatives in with refugees should we allow them to) is a good idea.

You do not have to choose between having heroes like Capt. Khan defending this country or having a secure immigration policy. You do not have to choose between allowing immigration and safely vetting those immigrants for terrorist ties.

While we have nothing but sympathy for the Khan family, we think a great deal less about the Democrats who trotted them out there to present this false choice and then viciously attacked anyone who dared point out the absurdity of it.

These were the same people who ripped into the parents of Benghazi victims at the Republican National Convention — parents who, may I add, had a great deal to say about Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton’s character.

Yet, just one week later, they trotted out a grieving family in the vain hope that it would fix the faulty logic of leftist anti-anti-terrorism efforts. And when anyone designed to point out just how rebarbative and transparent the motive behind inviting the Khan family was, they hid behind the Khans like cowards.

And as for the Islamic State group? They don’t care that the Khans are Muslim. They want them just as dead as they want anyone else in the West.

They would be happy, in fact, to kill both of Capt. Khan’s parents for the mere act of speaking out at an American political convention or for having a son who was an American military hero.

This is despicable. Democrats knew what they were doing. They understood the dangers when they asked the Khan family to attend, still, they were more than happy to put them at risk to propel their own needs forward. What’s worse is that Dems purposefully turn a blind eye to the immigration screening process, furthering the Khan families danger.

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