BREAKING – Hillary’s 15 Point Lead is Down to … Nothing.

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Just a week ago Hillary’s campaign and the #NeverTrump contingent of what used to be known as the Republican Party were gleeful because some polls had Hillary up by 15 after the Democratic convention.

It looks like Donald Trump’s squabble with the Gold Star Muslim family was going to finish him off.  But gee, we’ve heard this “Donald Trump is dead” at least two dozen times in the last year. At this point, we really should be calling him “Lazarus,” but then again Lazarus was only raise from the dead once.

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According to Reuters/Ipsos opinion poll released on Friday Hillary’s lead is down to three, and that’s a five point drop for Hillary in just four days. The poll had a credibility interval of 3% which means the presidential race is now tied.

So much for that “convention bounce” that Hillary had coming out of Philadelphia.

Trump apparently wised up after his days long feud with the Gold Star Muslim family and refocused on the person is actually running against, Hillary Clinton. I don’t expect the Democrats will try to push the Gold Star family back into the news again, given that Kazir Khan, the father, has more than a little bit of dirty Muslim laundry that I don’t think the Democrats want aired.

Last week Mr. Trump announced his economic policy advisory team, indicated he was going to deliver an economic policy speech this coming week, and in a move to “make friends” with the party establishment he endorsed both Paul Ryan and John McCain in their primary election battles. I really don’t think his endorsement is going to add one vote to either Ryan or McCain’s total in their primaries.

Reuters/Ipsos declined to offer a reason for the shift back to Trump. Personally, I think the reason is obvious. People started looking at the real Hillary Clinton again and the Wonderland that the Democrats tried to portray in Philadelphia only took about three days to wear off.

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It’s going to be an interesting summer.

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