BREAKING: Hillary Sides With Terrorists

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Hillary Clinton has chosen which side she’s on and Americans need to take notice.  She’s siding with the terrorists.

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The leader of the nation’s largest police union, the National Fraternal Order of Police, announced that Hillary let them know she would not be seeking their endorsement in this election year.

Obviously she’s chosen to stand with #BlackLivesMatter, a terrorist organizing group who are happy to shout at cops in Phoenix, “We should start shooting you!”

The Clinton campaign didn’t even bother to fill out a questionnaire that the union presents to their locals to vote on which candidate to support.  Donald Trump is the only candidate to complete the questionnaire.  The only other candidate who hasn’t bothered to fill out the questionnaire was John Kerry in 2004.  That makes sense, traitors don’t respect the police.

Hillary Clinton’s Democratic Party is the party of terrorism.  Barack Obama cuts a deal with Iran to make sure they get nuclear weapons and then gives them billions of dollars to fund their weapons program and world wide terrorism.  Hillary was fine with that.

Obama attacks police at every opportunity with his Department of “Justice” and Hillary is fine with that.

The Democratic Party held a love-fest in Philadelphia with “Mothers of Thugs,” honoring the mothers of would-be cop killers like Michael Brown.

November is a clear choice for America.  Hillary and tyranny or Donald Trump and a move back to a sensible governance of the nation.

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