Breaking: Fox New Uncovers Major Clinton Foundation SCHEME…

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How could Hillary be so heartless? More news is surfacing bringing to light further Clinton corruption. Shocker. Where is the liberal media in all of this? Silently ducking their mics behind their backs and bowing out of course. They don’t want to die like the rest of the narks.

As it turns out the State Dept. made a naughty land deal with a Nigerian firm, then it traced back to the Clinton Foundation while Hillary was SecState. The Clintons could write a novel bigger than the dictionary with the crimes they’ve committed!

From Fox News:

Shortly after Hillary Clinton left the Obama administration, the State Department quietly took steps to purchase real estate in Nigeria from a firm whose parent company is owned by a major donor to the Clinton Foundation, records obtained by Fox News show.

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On March 20, 2013, William P. Franklin, an “international realty specialist” at the State Department, emailed Mary E. Davis, an American diplomat stationed in Africa, instructing her to “put on Post letterhead” an “expression of interest” by the department in purchasing property at Eko Atlantic, a massive real estate development off the coast of Lagos. Franklin further instructed that the signed letter was to be “delivered to Ronald Chagoury.”

The draft letter, also obtained by Fox News, was undated and addressed to Chagoury care of his firm South Energyx Nigeria Limited, a subsidiary of the larger Chagoury Group that is spearheading the Eko Atlantic real estate venture. The State Department letter sought, among other things, to confirm that the department could proceed with “acquisition of the real property…[at] the asking price of $1,250 per square meter.”

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Overtures to real estate developers from State Department officials scouting locations for embassies, consulates and other diplomatic facilities would ordinarily not arouse interest. But in this case, the budding transaction – never completed, the department now says – raised eyebrows because Ronald Chagoury is the brother and business partner, in the Chagoury Group, of Gilbert Chagoury, a Lebanese-born businessman whom federal records show has donated between $1 and $5 million to the Clinton Foundation.
Indeed, Gilbert Chagoury’s friendship with the Clintons can be traced back to the Clinton presidency. In the mid-1990s, Chagoury donated nearly $500,000 to a voter-registration drive designed to help Democratic candidates, attended a White House dinner for premium donors, and met with high-ranking officials in the Clinton White House – including Susan Rice, now President Obama’s national security adviser – who were shaping U.S. policy toward Nigeria.

This is all very coincidental if you ask me. Even more recently the Chagourys’ close relationship to the Clintons made headlines when a separate series of emails from 2009 revealed just how eager the Clintons were to accept the request for the corrupt Chagoury group to be given access to senior officials working on Lebanon.

Then guess what happened…less than a month later the State Department’s outreach to the Chagoury family came. They wanted to buy the property from the brothers, for a second time.

Bill Clinton toured the Eko Atlantic sites on Feb 21, 2013, a mere twenty days after Hillary left the State Departement. They celebrated the Chagourys’ 5 million square meters of land that magically reappeared….a critical juncture in the project.

After all of this, you have to wonder what the Clintons are doing roaming around free and clear. There seems to be much more than just reasonable doubt here. It certainly does pay to have friends in high places, doesn’t it?

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