BREAKING: Donald Trump, In Shake-Up, Hires Breitbart Executive Bannon For Top Campaign Post!

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For the second time in two months, Donald Trump is shaking things up in his presidential campaign. That’s right! Once wasn’t enough and he needed to do something to add a little spark back to his fire. Trump hired Breitbart News’ executive Stephen K. Bannon to become the Trump campaign’s chief executive. Trump also promoted a senior adviser and pollster, Kellyanne Conway, to campaign manager.

What happened to Paul Manafort? He will retain his title of “campaign chairman”, but the changes set to be formally announced this morning are really seen as demotion for Manafort.  That was short-lived. Manafort, a lobbyist and political consultant just took over his reins in June after the firing of Corey Lewandowski.


H/T Wall Street Journal:

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is bringing two new managers to the top of his campaign in a bid to recover ground he has lost in recent weeks.

Stephen Bannon, executive chairman of Breitbart News LLC, an outspoken Trump supporter and a former Goldman Sachs banker, will assume the new position of campaign chief executive. At the same time, Mr. Trump also is promoting Kellyanne Conway, a veteran GOP pollster and strategist, to become campaign manager. Ms. Conway has been a campaign adviser for several weeks.

Longtime Republican operative Paul Manafort,who joined the campaign late in the primary season, remains campaign chairman. But the reset is designed to bulk up a structure that many Republicans have complained wasn’t adequate for the rigors of the general-election campaign.

Mr. Trump’s campaign has fallen further behind Democrat Hillary Clinton in most national and battleground-state polls in recent days, and some Republicans had been hoping for a course adjustment before the traditional Labor Day kickoff of the general-election race.

“I want to win,” Mr. Trump said in an interview Tuesday night in which he disclosed his hires. “That’s why I’m bringing on fantastic people who know how to win and love to win.”

From Breitbart:

People briefed on the move said that it reflected Mr. Trump’s realization that his campaign was at a crisis point. But it indicates that the candidate — who has chafed at making the types of changes his current aides have asked for, even though he had acknowledged they would need to occur — has decided to embrace his aggressive style for the duration of the race.

Both Ms. Conway and Mr. Bannon, whose news organization has been very favorable to Mr. Trump since he entered the primaries, are close with Robert and Rebekah Mercer, the father-and-daughter conservative donors who have become allies of the candidate and are funding a “super PAC” that is working against Hillary Clinton.25605544345_a9071a69f6

Ms. Conway has past presidential experience in primary races, but the role in a general election represents a new one for her. She is well liked by Mr. Trump’s daughter Ivanka and her husband, Jared Kushner, who had been serving as the de facto campaign manager.

 Mr. Bannon has no experience with political campaigns, but he represents the type of bare-knuckled fighter that the candidate had in Corey Lewandowski, his combative former campaign manager, who was fired on June 20.
Mr. Bannon has been a supporter of Mr. Trump’s pugilistic instincts, which the candidate has made clear in interviews he is uncertain about suppressing. He is also deeply mistrustful of the political establishment, and his website has often been critical of Speaker Paul D. Ryan and Senator Mitch McConnell, the majority leader.
Well, Mr. Bannon, most of the conservative Americans would probably agree with you on the mistrust of the political establishment. In fact, I believe that’s the main reason both Democrats and Republicans voted for Trump in the Republican presidential primaries. Trump was outspoken and “rattled” the political establishment types, like Ryan and McConnell.
This is the final battle in the race for presidency. The final battle against Hillary Clinton. Trump has got to be ready for it all. It’s probably going to go down in history as the worst mudslinging contest in all of politics. Trump has to continue to stick to his message against “Crooked” Hillary, Benghazi and the death of Americans, Clinton’s emails, private server and the jeopardy of our national security, Clinton’s lies to FBI Director Comey, Clinton’s lies to Pat Smith and Charles Woods, and the endless more lies Hillary Clinton has told the American public.
In addition, Donald Trump needs to stay on message that Obama and Clinton have supported terrorism. He needs to stay on message that Obama and Clinton have been the most lawless, ruthless and divisive administration of our country, especially when it comes to Black Lives Matter and our law enforcement agencies. So if Trump needs to “shake things up” and appoint “big people” like Stephen Bannon and Kellyanne Conway – so be it. Because the final goal is we need to make sure Clinton is NOT elected president. If you think you are “beginning” to not recognize America now, just wait until after 4 more years of another socialist president.
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