BREAKING – #BlackLivesMatter Supporters: “Burn down the White Suburbs!” [VIDEO]

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The sister of the 23-year-old thug who was shot by a police officer in Milwaukee last weekend called for rioters to stop burning down the ‘hood. Democratic operatives with bylines at CNN presented a new story that showed her “calling for peace in the city.” Their editors conveniently left out the part of her rant where she encouraged rioters to stop burning down “the ‘hood” and instead, go burn down the white suburbs.

According to police body camera footage that hasn’t been released yet the 23-year-old thug that a black police officer shot armed and running from a traffic stop. He was shot in the chest so it’s obvious he was facing the officer when the fatal shot was fired.

In keeping with their routine practice of idolizing thugs, #BlackLivesMatter rioted, burned down half a dozen buildings in Milwaukee, trashed police cars, and fired at least 28 shots that were not returned by officers.

Here’s why the sister of the thug was encouraging rioters to move out of the inner city.

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She, along with some of the “black leadership” in Milwaukee – people like Alderman Khalif Rainey – are essentially calling for a race war. Rainey tacitly threatened more riots if “oppression, unemployment, and injustice” aren’t addressed. In other words…

… “Gimme yo money.” Note the reaction of the blonde Democratic operative with a byline to his demand for money. Clueless.

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