BREAKING: Black Louisiana Man Reveals The REAL Reason Obama Paid A Visit

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You see Barak and Michelle Obama in the news and they are always pretending to care about the welfare of the less fortunate. Many people have had a sneaky suspicion that Obama’s motives for visiting the flood victims were not just out of good intentions or to bring inspiration and hope. No, that would be ridiculous, Obama only cares when it benefits him in some way.

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Now that our president has been exposed, and the facts are out in the open about his little visit to Louisiana, I’m guessing he would like to crawl under a rock and hide right about now. A black man who lives in a Baton Rouge suburb laid the facts out as plain as day for all to see. Of course, the obvious occurred, it was all about politics and the photo op when he got there, he needed to appear to care even though he showed up two weeks after the people suffered.

A few other topics of interest were uncovered in this man’s letter and the facts are a little startling. He got in touch with Breitbart News and has been serving as a “citizen journalist”, the truth about the real hardships the city has faced have been completely exposed, and the liberal media is not happy.


Below is the man’s letter which Breitbart has published:

Three phases of this storm. First, Livingston parish was hit and that is mostly conservative Republicans. Add a few subtle culture aspects of those who are Cajun or live and adhere to country rural living, and the people in Livingston Parish have the personalities that under these circumstances would challenge President Obama. The Governor knows this and kept him away.

The second wave of the storm is what flooded various parts of Baton Rouge. They have the first wave of backflow water that is now part of the third phase, Ascension parish. These areas are black areas of the city and black people here hate Democrat Mayor Kip Holden because they feel he didn’t do enough during Alton Sterling killing. They wanted Kip to fire cops, stand up for “the community” or at least show his face. His lack of leadership really created a lot of animosity.

During this storm Kip has mainly done phone in appearance and hasn’t shown his face. During the demonstrations in July, you could see how angry the black people in Baton Rouge were and they weren’t afraid to shout it back then to every TV camera they could find. Again, everyone knew this and so it made sense to keep Obama away from there, too, even though that area was hit very hard.

Up until President Obama landed, no one knew exactly where he was going. The parish president of Livingston, one of the hardest hit areas, gave an interview confirming the President would not be coming there. Trump and his mini motorcade went to Livingston last week.

Pres. Obama chose Zachary; a black middle class subdivision. He visited the Castle Place subdivision. It took a big hit, but it is one part of the city of Zachary. Overall, Zachary as a city was at the bottom of the list in terms of damage but as I wrote in my first letter, this is a peaceful middle-class town. It’s the place least likely to produce anything to disrupt a photo-op.

Now it’s getting strange….
Obama went and visited a shelter here in Zachary that wasn’t operational until somewhere between yesterday and today. That shelter in Zachary that he visited wasn’t in the same neighborhood as he walked and visited. The shelter was in Zachary, but across town.

Most of the people who have come here have been parking trailers in family or friends yard and staying there.

Why would the city of Zachary open a shelter the day before opening schools were back up, marshaling a ton of resources away from a supposed shelter? Why would Obama visit a shelter that has hastily been put together in a neighborhood, though flooded, was the only neighborhood flooded in a city that was fully functional, aside from the school, through this entire process?

Yes, the hardest hit neighborhoods and cities—places where upwards of 90% of all homes and buildings were completely wiped out—have not supported Obama politically or otherwise.

The city of Baton Rouge still had major shelters full, as does Livingston and Ascension parish.

Let’s be frank: no way Gov. John Bel Edwards would have allowed Obama to go to Livingston or Ascension parish because the people there would have tested him, politely, and posed tough questions.

He’d also face a tough audience in Baton Rouge. Mayor Kip Holden is by far the least popular person in the black community here, and it’s a direct result of the Alton Sterling affair. Black people flat out hate him and the professional public servants despise him.

There is speculation that Obama didn’t visit the people most severely affected by the floods, because of the Altin Sterling case. The aftermath of the racial politics that rose up after the incident is exactly why Obama avoided his presence there altogether. They couldn’t guarantee a safe photo op.

Obama avoided the hardest hit areas because the people there were not on his side and he wanted to avoid the uncomfortable questions that may have risen. Obama’s love of the people shows no end does it?

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