BREAKING: Secret Plan Involving Federally Controlled Police Leaked!

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We hoped it would never happen, but the government has stuck their talons in the U.S. citizens again. When we discovered that Soros was funding the BlackLivesMatter movement, there were theories as to why… mainly we assumed he just wanted civil unrest because he was an evil person.

As it turns out, this very deceitful calculating devil took us by surprise.

A document was just revealed that explains a lot, Soros’s actions now make perfect sense. He is digging his claws in the police force and is trying to reform it with his billions of influential dollars.

The reform consists of federal rules for local police forces to strictly follow. Also known as…the common core for the police. If they don’t follow the rules they can kiss their funding goodbye!

How infuriating that the entire time they were trying to “create a national movement” for police reform, no wonder he paid for Black Lives Matter Protesters to riot in the streets.

Read the board meeting document for yourself:

The federal government is seeking philanthropic support for a number of its initiatives. In addition to seeking support to advance the implementation of the recommendations of the Presidential Taskforce, the White House recently launched the Policing Data Initiative to explore how best to use data and technology to build trust, voice, and solutions to improve community policing. The Department of Justice recently selected the first six cities to host pilot sites for the National Initiative for Building Community Trust and Justice, which was launched last fall to help repair and strengthen the relationship between law enforcement and the communities they serve by exploring strategies intended to enhance procedural justice, reduce implicit bias, and support racial reconciliation.

We are gaining a better understanding of these efforts in order to determine how best USP can use this moment to create a national movement. We have already had a set of preliminary conversations with about a dozen key stakeholders and will undertake a field scan to map the areas of work currently underway to advance police reform, including an assessment of the redundancies and gaps in work, and opportunities for collaboration. As we proceed, we will engage the funder network we helped to establish, the Executive Alliance on Men and Boys of Color, which now includes forty foundations.

The document also identifies reducing incarceration rates as another goal of police reform:
The police killings of African-American men in Ferguson, Staten Island, most recently in North Charleston, Baltimore, and many other American cities, highlight that reform of policing policy and practice must be integral to our criminal justice agenda. Notably, while such reform activities are inextricably linked with our concerns about racial justice and equity, in particular about advancing opportunity for boys and men of color, they are also critically related to our goal of reducing incarceration, given the role that police practices play in bringing people into the justice system.

The memo states Soros-financed groups and activists influenced Obama’s police reform task force. One of the nine members of the task force was Bryan Stevenson, identified on the final task force report itself as “Founder and Executive Director, Equal Justice Initiative.” However, as the Soros document highlights, Stevenson also serves on the board of the Open Society Foundations’ U.S. Programs. The Foundations’ document also states that a number of Soros-financed organizations gave testimony to Obama’s police reform task force.

The document states:

Perhaps more promising is the taskforce empaneled by President Obama on policing, which developed more than 60 recommendations to provide direct support and guidance to localities on how to improve policing practices. (USP Advisory Board member Bryan Stevenson served as a member of the taskforce and a number of grantees, including NAACP-Legal Defense Fund [LDF], Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights [LCCHR], and others, testified at its hearings.)

Since the release of the taskforce’s recommendations earlier this month, there has been much discussion about how best to ensure effective implementation given the federal government’s limited authority to dictate reform at the local level.

Soros’ attempts to undermine this country and our constitution should be rewarded with a custom made orange jumpsuit, and maybe a special chair. It’s unbelievable how far the line can be pushed when tyranny calls itself fairness and money is involved.

Now, free people are claiming oppression, ignorant people with money are claiming strength, and people who pretend to want “peace” are creating violence.

It wasn’t that long ago that Obama spoke of trying to Federalize the police. Unfortunately for him, that pesky constitution got in the way again. Then…Lynch discovers a way to go around inner city departments. Now they are telling the police force that there are new Federal guidelines they must follow if any grant money is to be expected.
Is anyone surprised by this change? I’m not, Hitler couldn’t have been so successful any other way! Nothing says “open society” quite like a national Gestapo! (sarcasm intended)

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