Bloody Rape Victim Emerges From Woods, Horrifies People With Whats In Her Hands

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A poor 17-year-old that lived in India walked into the woods to use the bathroom and was followed by a Muslim man. The screams that ensued brought people running to the scene. This girl is one tough cookie! When the 23-year-old man tried to force himself on her she grabbed his knife and attacked his private parts with them.

2016-07-27 11_11_09-Bloody Rape Victim Emerges From Woods, Stuns People With What’s In Her Hand

Villagers arrived at the spot after hearing his cries and admitted him to a hospital, where his condition is stated to be serious.

Police said they have registered a case against the man after a complaint by the girl.

They said security has been stepped up in the village as a precautionary measure, since the accused and the girl belonged to different communities.
2016-07-27 11_11_23-Bloody Rape Victim Emerges From Woods, Stuns People With What’s In Her Hand

The media who took pleasure in highlighting the Rohtak girls who played victim but turned out to be the conspirators, but seem to have no knowledge of this incident of bravery. As a general trend, it can be observed nowadays that the media chooses to hide incidents when the culprit is from one particular community. Even the so called minority Messiah Rahul Gandhi, Arvind Kejriwal etc. who said Dalits were under attack when Rohith Vemula died now seem to be missing. We sincerely ask them, WHY THIS HYPOCRISY?

When you find out it was Muslim man it isn’t very shocking that he tried to rape a girl. Muslim’s are always trying to take what isn’t theirs. I love it when stories have a happy ending! This guy got exactly what he deserved, doubt he’s going to rape anyone in the future. Rapes in India are skyrocketing, there needs to be a serious punishment for this kind of crime, one that will make people rethink their decision about doing it to others.

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