Blacks Who Want a Race War? Be Careful What you Wish For in Milwaukee

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Since Obama has been in office, our nation hasn’t seen this many racial riots and division since the 60’s. Of course, what did you expect from a President who back in February actually acknowledged and praised the organizational skills of the founders of Black Lives Matter.

Like all the other riots, the Milwauke riots seem to come with a sense of “entitlement” and avoidance of responsibility, even an “in your face” attitude from such groups as the “People’s New Black Panther Party”.  Why is it every time there is a riot, people think they have the “right” to loot stores, throw rocks at police officers and burn buildings down to the ground in their OWN community? How is all of this justified because a black cop killed a black person who happened to have stole a gun and ammunition, got stopped by police officers but tried to run away, and when ordered to drop his gun didn’t?


To add gas to the fire, recently the leader of the People’s New Black Panther Party, Babu Omowale declared “it’s a war”. Yeah, like that will really help the situation. Insanity rises again.

H/T Breitbart:

Omowale is also co-founder of the Huey P. Newton Gun Club, a black militant gun group named after Black Panther Party founder Huey P. Newton.

Omowale was speaking in an interview set to air Sunday night on this reporter’s talk radio program, “Aaron Klein Investigative Radio,” broadcast on New York’s AM 970 The Answer and News Talk 990 AM in Philadelphia.

Asked if the riots in Milwaukee following the police shooting on Saturday of an armed assailant fleeing the scene amounted to a “civil war,” Omowale responded thusly:

“The people against terrorism, and tyranny in their community is not a civil war. When you are speaking about civil war, you are talking about a country fighting against a country. This is oppressed people fighting against a racist, white supremacist police system. Which is meant to oppress a certain group of people. More than likely black people and poor people around the country.”

“What you see is people lashing out and fighting against the system. As it is said in the Second Amendment, you know. So this is not new. The people in this country have always defended themselves against tyranny. So I can’t liken this to a civil war. No it’s not. Is it a war? Yes, it is. It’s a war against black people because we’re the ones being murdered. We’re the ones being killed. So there’s been a war against us. But is it a civil war? I can’t say that that’s the case.”

Where does this idiot get off?  Once again – two officers stopped a car for a traffic stop. Two males got out of the car. One took off running. He was chased down by a law enforcement officer and ordered to drop his gun. He did NOT. The police officer fired. This crime had NOTHING to do with race. It had to do with a two young men who committed a crime, were stopped and then did not follow police orders. What do you expect the officers to do when they feel their lives are threatened with someone standing in front of them with a gun and over 500 rounds of ammo – known to be stolen?

When people commit crimes, law enforcement agents are there to stop them. PERIOD. White or black – race is NOT the issue. A crime was committed. But just because a crime was committed does NOT give any group or individual the “right” or sense of entitlement to loot stores, torch down businesses, smash police cars or hurl rocks – injuring innocent people. This is an unjust mob mentality. It does NOT solve the problem or prevent future crimes from happening in this community.

The real problem is the economy. The real problem has to do with loss of jobs. The real problem also has to do with the loss of a traditional family structure. Single mothers working hard to support a family and often not home to take care of children that are growing up, unsupervised and without fathers. The real problem has to do with a loss of education – often kids dropping out of school before they finish high school.

Here’s Sheriff David Clarke from Milwaukee County who explained it best:

Yes! I TOTALLY agree with Sheriff Clarke. The social order collapsed and tribal behavior took over. The riots were funneled by those dysfunctional cop haters. The “law of jungle” replaced the “rule of the law” and riots and chaos broke out.

I find it interesting that the MSM did NOT mention that the suspect was ARMED! It was more important for them to mention his race, but NOT the fact he was holding a gun and pointing it at an officer of the law, who also happened to be black. I’m guessing you didn’t hear that fact either.

As Sheriff Clarke mentions these riots were caused by the implemention of failed liberal urban policies over decades. These same failed urban liberal policies that caused increased poverty, failing schools and most importantly MASSIVE black unemployment, along with dysfunctional families. That’s right the Democrats FAILED systems caused the failures; THEY FAILED African-Americans and Milwaukee.

The Milwaukee riots were NOT caused by a racist, white, supremist police system. No. Not at all Mr. Babu Omowale! I suggest maybe you do a little reading up on your history because you missed a few lessons on “real tyranny” in America.

All part of the plan…little sheeple. Obama, George Soros, and other Democrats like Hillary Clinton, love to create chaos, make a profit off the chaos, and then implement their little socialist ways – like a national police force. They’d love to see that along with more gun control laws implemented before Obama leaves office. All part of the mirage and illusion. Democrats want African-Americans to think THEY have their BEST interests in mind, but those that are educated, work hard and continue to achieve goals, get jobs and prosper – know otherwise. Government is NOT the answer and THESE riots are NOT about race.



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