Black Man Snags Pic Of Officer, What He Sees Makes Him Demand Cop’s Job

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As this black man headed out of the barber shop he spotted a police officer, tried to wave him down while he snapped a picture, and upon looking closer saw something that has the entire black community demanding his head on a platter. Policemen are quickly losing their ability to do their job, in fear of offending someone or something getting taken out of context. Things were much more simple back in the day, you at least knew who your enemy was!

Officer Timothy Millard of the Kalamazoo Police Department is well-known in the black community. In fact, just a few months ago, he made local headlines for helping resident Cetiana LeBarre by raking her lawn for her, according to Blue Lives Matter. However, a lifetime of dedication to protecting the community and even going out of his way to perform selfless acts outside of his job hold no merit with some black citizens now that they’ve seen what one resident captured on camera.

King Mansa Musa, who refers to himself by a 13th-century Muslim African ruler, stepped out of a barbershop on July 29 when he spotted officer Millard and allegedly waved to acknowledge him, according to Opposing Views. It was then that Millard did what he always does when greeting people — he pointed.

Musa happened to capture the gesture at just the right time and intentionally set off a firestorm on Facebook by accusing Millard of threatening him. It wasn’t long before his post went viral, prompting countless others to blame Millard for using his finger to symbolize a gun shooting Musa. Of course, race was immediately brought into the conversation and locals are now demanding “accountability” from Millard — in other words, they want him fired from his job.

What Musa and his angry supporters fail to mention is that this particular gesture is Millard’s signature greeting. Kalamazoo Public Safety Chief Jeff Hadley explained that this is a simple misunderstanding that could have major repercussions, Michigan Live reports.
Tim does that very often,” Chief Hadley explained. “The officer is really broken up about this. He thought the guy was waving at him. (The officer) was trying to be friendly. It really is as simple as that. I’m not trying to dismiss the (photographer’s) perception,” Hadley continued. “And I understand how it raises people’s eyebrows.”

Although Millard is already undergoing a full investigation, some in the black community still aren’t happy. Several city black leaders want discipline for Millard and have automatically judged his action as ill-intended.

Fortunately, there are still those within the black community who are willing to stand behind Millard because they know his character and choose to believe it over a cleverly-timed photo that can prompt any explanation the social media user desires. Cetiana LaBarre still recalls the time Millard saw her having trouble raking up leaves and offered to do it for her.

“I about dropped my…my mouth hit the floor; I was like, ‘wow,’” LaBarre said. “That was very nice, I am a middle aged woman, that was a lot of work, but it’s done and I’m happy, so, thank you officer.”

I can’t stand these touchy pieces of crap who are offended at every tiny thing someone does! You look at them wrong, it’s racism, you smile too kindly and it’s sexual harassment, you fart in their direction and it’s attempted murder. When did Americans become such a large group of pussies?! Ignorant people who assume the worst are damaging our society and it needs to end.

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