Black Lives Matter Plans NY Protest, Gets Nasty Threat From Horrifying Source!

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Usually, if someone stands up to your bully you would be happy, but it’s not the case in this situation.

Black Lives Matter activists were planning a rally in the Hamptons, most likely it wouldn’t be a peaceful protest either. Usually, these little outings end in rioting and looting. When they announced their plans they got a nasty little surprise from the one group they fear most…bitter taste of their own medicine. Now, they are outraged that the KKK plans to destroy their little temper tantrum protest.

The leader of the KKK reported that he and his followers will unite and all 2,500 local members will disrupt this BLM protest with a little “rally” of their own…


“[They are] a contradiction,” Monker told Patch. “They always say they have peaceful protests but nothing is ever peaceful. They rape, pilfer, loot. They’re rioting and using this as an excuse to do wrong. It’s not right.”

Of course, the BLM is enraged by the KKK’s promise to crash their march and seem almost confused as to the response.

“[There has been] absolutely no violence. Where is he getting his information?” Black Lives Matter organizer Vanessa Vascez-Corleone told Patch. “I would like to invite them to the rally. I honestly don’t believe they’re going to show up. I hope they come out of hiding. As for drugs and rape, those are all separate issues in everyone’s community, including the white community so that’s irrelevant,” she said, adding, “Everything he’s saying is ignorant. It’s hard to respond to ignorance.”

Is this not violence? Who was ignorant again?

As for Black Lives Matter protesters, each one of their responses only further proves their hypocrisy and ignorance. Each time they decry the KKK’s “ignorance” and “corruption,” their own racist supremacy shows through.

In fact, BLM leader DeRay McKesson defended looting in a 2015 lecture at Yale University. Quoting author Willie Osterweil, McKesson expressed that destructive rioting and looting are “hard-won” and that looters are acting on “an opportunity to improve well-being, to make life better, easier, or more comfortable.”

Since the encouragement of looting and violence from the BLM in 2015, BLM activists have continued their lawless and dangerous behavior during protests, forcing police officers to protect local businesses and leaving hundreds injured.


It’s unclear if Vascez-Corleone knows about these and other incidents or if she’s conveniently lying about the BLM in order to protect their already sordid image in the media. Perhaps she has realized the uncanny similarities that the BLM and NBPP have to hate groups like the KKK and desperately clung to the lie that there has been “absolutely no violence” as she cleverly attempts to distract with her pretend naivety.

These groups are complete opposites that both claim they are peaceful, both of these groups are incredibly ignorant. They have a hatred for one another that is skin deep and people are so much more than the amount of melatonin in their skin.

Scientist claim that we all originated from our dark skinned ancestors many years ago, certain people just evolved and needed less melatonin in their skin to survive. Hence Pale people with blue eyes and blonde hair.

The KKK and BLM groups are simply two sides of the same bigoted coin. Segregating ourselves over something as dumb as skin color is a step backward, let’s move on from the past!


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