Black Lives Matter Leader Assaults Girlfriend Because She Refuses To Murder Their Baby!

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What comes to mind when you hear of a BLM activist getting arrested? You would assume they were arrested for what we see on the media, looting, lighting a cop car on fire, or even beating a white person up, not this…

Black Lives Matter activist, Joseph Kyles, was arrested for attacking his girlfriend. Spoiler Alert: He didn’t do it because she was white…

This poor girl was in an abusive relationship and she was afraid, she put up with him though until he asked her to do the one thing she absolutely refused to do, because unlike this hypocrite, black lives actually do matter to this woman.


Joseph demanded that his 13-week pregnant girlfriend murder her baby. When she said “no way Jose” or in this case Joseph, the crazed boyfriend couldn’t control his already short fused temper. That’s when he let her have it! She was afraid to go to the police at first because he brainwashed her into thinking that he was untouchable. Now he is paying the consiquences.

Yep. All because the lady wouldn’t get their baby vacuum-sucked out of her body.

This guy sounds like he may just be a psychopath, sure. But so did Korryn Gaines. And Freddie Gray. And… well, you get the point. Black Lives Matter proponents doubling as pro-abortion supporters seems to be a common thing (related Detroit Lions’ Don Carey Slams #BlackLivesMatter Over Abortion). Because sure, black lives matter… just not when it comes to black babies. Criminals only, please.

It seems as if Black lives activists are moved by emotions rather than logic. They can’t claim that black lives matter if they are destroying them. Caring about others doesn’t include murdering them, wherever they may live, whether it be the womb or the ghetto. Caring DEFINATLY doesn’t include slapping your girlfriend around like a dog. If liberals actually cared about others they wouldn’t be liberal to begin with!

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