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Black Cop Shoots Armed Black Thug – Milwaukee Burns [VIDEO]


A black police officer shot a 23-year-old armed black thug in Milwaukee on Saturday and #BlackLivesMatter found a new hero. To celebrate, they started to burn down Milwaukee.

As we reported yesterday, gangs of blacks were roaming the streets hunting white people driving through the area where they gathered. Shots were fired and at least four stores were looted and burned.

Gov. Scott Walker, at the request of Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, activated the National Guard yesterday in case night two in Milwaukee became violent.

The state of Wisconsin is investigating the shooting, which was captured on the police officers body cam video. The video hasn’t been released.

The 24-year-old thug who was killed by the black police officer is your typical #BlackLivesMatter hero. He had a lengthy arrest record and was carrying a handgun with an extended, 23 round magazine and running from the scene of a traffic stop.

The Democratic political establishment is doing exactly what you would expect them to do when people riot. They’re making “victims” out of the rioters. Alderman Khalif Rainey who represents the district where the riots occurred said Sunday that the city blacks are “tired of living under this oppression.” The New Black Panther party jumped on the bandwagon as well, calling for “war.”

This tweet pretty well sums up the situation in Milwaukee and every Democrat controlled inner-city in the United States.

3 riot 1

Unexpectedly, there has been no word from Pres. Barack Obama who was playing golf all weekend.

3 riot 2

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