Bill Maher Wants Fair and Balanced All of a Sudden, Now That Hillary is Under Fire

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Bill Maher is a Democratic operative with a late-night TV show and a staunch Hillary supporter. For the most part the scripts are written by the Democratic National Committee or Hillary Clinton’s campaign. A week or so ago somebody on Mahr’s staff screwed up and invited Julian Assange as a guest.

Assange is, of course, the founder of WikiLeaks and he has an interesting assortment of emails. He got a hold of the Democratic National Committee’s email correspondence and leak that just before the convention. That cost Debbie Wasserman Schultz in the entire top level of executives at the DNC their jobs. The Clinton campaign is now desperately trying to distance themselves from those emails that prove beyond a doubt that Democrats rigged the primary and that they are a wholly racist, sexist, and anti-Semitic organization.

Assange has also indicated that he’s got Hillary’s emails and he’s planning on dripping them out over the next three months. That should be fun.

So let’s get this straight, according to Mahar releasing information about the Democratic National Committee is bad because they’re are private organization. I wonder how he does felt if WikiLeaks published emails from the Republican Party?

Actually, I’m pretty sure I know how he’d feel. His producers would be lining up prominent Republicans to come on a show to be beaten to a pulp and given an opportunity to grovel and apologize.

Don’t expect that to happen to Hillary Clinton.

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