Beyonce Insulted All Cops at VMA’s – Immediately Gut Checked By America! [Video]

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I think once someone has been in the limelight, they are always trying to get back in it. It’s no different with Beyonce. If you remember her Superbowl performance back in February, she featured dancers dressed as members of the armed civil rights group, the Black Panthers. Her new single “Formation” was dubbed a rallying cry for the BLM movement and was a “slap in the face” to law enforcement officers. Well, looks like Beyonce is at it again and back in the limelight.

Sunday Beyoncé’s performance at the MTV Video Music Awards once again delivered a political statement during her performance of “Pray You Catch Me”. Here’s the video from media analyst Mark Dice:

Dice calls Beyonce the “Black Power Bimbo” as she symbolically denounces police. The symbolism and political statement from Beyonce is over the top. I would support the fact that Beyonce has definitely gone to the “Dark Side”.

Sad to see that Beyonce is one of the most influential females in Hollywood, and THIS is what she does with that kind of influence and power. She could be UNITING our country, supporting a UNITED States of America and working to support black families in poor black neighborhoods, instead she does THIS. Totally insane!!!  I guess she prefers to divide the masses, continue to put a wedge betweeen races and continue to spread hatred against law enforcement officers across the nation.  What a sad waste of talent, but that’s the limelight!

On Sunday at the VMA’s, Beyonce began with the opening of her song “Pray You Catch Me,” as she took the stage accompanied by dancers dressed in white.  Then, one by one, they fell to the ground in a red spotlight, a reference to gun violence and police shootings in the U.S.

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A man in a black hoodie – which became a symbol after Trayvon Martin was shot wearing a hoodie in 2012 – emerged and stood behind Beyoncé, holding her shoulders.

Sad to see Beyonce was also accompanied on the red carpet by four “mothers of the movement,” whose children had been killed by police.

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Beyoncé’s entourage included Sybrina Fulton, Martin’s mother; Gwen Carr, mother of Eric Garner; Lesley McSpadden-Head, mother of Michael “Mike” Brown, Jr.; and Wanda Johnson, Oscar Grant’s mother.

Beyonce is a performer. A performer who needs to continue to be in the limelight to make money. It’s all about performance, attention getting, and dramatization. That’s what gets her an audience. That’s what her fans want to see. That’s what pays the bills. Insanity feeding insanity.

I think the best response came from Sheriff David Clarke on Fox News:

Totally agree with Sheriff David Clarke!  Sheriff Clarke is well respected by Democrats and Republicans, because he stands for PRINCIPLES!

Speaking of principles, other Americans responded to Beyonce on Twitter as well:



Giuliani Blasts Beyoncé‘s VMA Performance: ‘I Saved More Black Lives’ Than She Has

Beyonce’s Mom Defends 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick: “He Is Truly Being Brave” For Refusing To Stand During National An…

Obama appreciates Beyoncé constantly reiterating his anti-cop message. Her pole dancer’s outfit lends a certain credibility to the matter.

Beyonce Just Gave You the Best Reason Yet to Boycott Her! BREAKING NEWS

Frank Laird Retweeted

Beyonce: a great talent and a great mind? No! Kinda chubby, uneducated, mediocre, propped up celeb.. Just plain Hype

Unfortunately, Beyonce won 8 of 11 VMA’s including “Video of the Year” for her hit song “Formation”. As long as these morons continue to support her cause and buy her music,they feed the fire of continued racial divide and police hatred. Beyonce will not change her ways;it’s all about the money. Sounds like a lot of liberals or Democrats, even Hillary Clinton. It’s all about the money. Forget principles. Forget America.

It’s only when people boycott Beyonce’s events or don’t buy her music that things will change. However, I highly doubt the idiots who continue to follow her will even vote in November, they’ll probably all be too stoned or protesting with the BLM movement. If Beyonce really wanted to make a REAL difference in the world, she should take her influence and power and educate blacks in black communities about crimes committed by blacks against blacks. Of course, that might be too logical for her and actually require her to have knowledge of real black crimes, black communities and law enforcement in the REAL world.  Destiny’s Child might have done that, but Destiny’s Child…is nowhere to be found…neither are her principles.





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