Bad News For Hillary: Her ‘Handler’ Caught Hiding This In His Hand!

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Hillary’s entire campaign is covered with strange behavior. She raises some pretty serious eyebrows about her ability to become president, now you can add this to her never ending crap list of secrets.

These mystery men are spotted right next to Hillary, but they is not her secret service, they only dress the part. There is a reason one of these men never leaves her side, you’ll see why when you notice what this man pops out in plain site. This just proves how unfit she is to run the country!

Like a drunk old woman Hillary goes from tripping up the stairs to appearing as if she is having a seizure mid-sentence. She can’t hide her health crisis any longer. Even in a small crowd, Hillary had to stop mid sentence and then appeared dazed and confused by the question. The group of men who appeared to be her secret service at first glance, rushed to her aid when this happened. They gently stroked her back and told her to “keep talking”. This seems unusual for security….because that’s not who these mystery men were.

Here are the pictures:

2016-08-09 12_08_06-Bad News For Hillary After What Her 'Handler' Is Caught Hiding In His Hand

Clinton has been dogged by rumors of health problems since she fell in 2013, reportedly as the result of a blood clot. Recently, photos have shown her needing help climbing stairs, and there have been more than a few videos and photos showing her acting very strangely in public.

If Clinton does indeed suffer from frequent seizures, she is in no position to be holding public office. For once, this isn’t her fault — it’s just a simple fact that the leader of the free world should not be someone who might have convulsions in the middle of a crisis that demands her full attention.

2016-08-09 12_19_12-Hillary Mystery Handler Spotted With Syringe Full of Shocking Meds Right Next to

Clinton must be a nut job if she thinks she can run this country anywhere but in the ground. This pen is used for seizures, her personal assistant having it on hand would be consistent with her obvious need for it in case she seizes up. This condition makes her clearly unfit to be a president for this country.

Should it surprise us that Hillary has hidden this serious medical problem for the American people in order to achieve her own personal agenda? Absolutely not.

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