ALERT: Thousands Of Muslims Found At Border, All Carrying One Alarming Thing

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Border Patrol is up to their necks in work. They’ve detained thousands of Muslims as they try to creep across the border. Upon finding what ALL of them had in common, the situation has only worsened. To be honest it’s a completely terrifying reality everyone should know about.

It’s common knowledge that Obama has made it easy to slip across our border, to top it off, he’s tied the hands of our Border Patrol so they can’t even do their job. Now, a shocking revelation has come to light.

Records show that the Border Patrol has detained 6,342 “Special Interest Aliens” (SIA) who were either trying to make their way across or already had. A scary little tidbit of information… the majority of that number are “extra-continental” aliens from the Middle East – and seeing how 91.2% of that region is made up of Muslims, it’s a safe bet to say most of them belong to the Islamic religion.


As if that isn’t scary enough, Border Patrol agents have found one thing in common with all of them — they somehow always manage to get their hands on forged papers. With that reality in mind, it’s scary to think about all of those who were able to successfully sneak their way into the country.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents working with Mexican immigration officials have found thousands of non-Hispanic illegal immigrants crossing Mexico’s southern border to make their way to Texas. The “extra-continental” immigrants enter countries as far south as Brazil and make their way to the United States, often with forged travel documents.

“The reality is that the vast majority of the people that Mexico encounters [on its southern border] that are extra-continental will eventually end up on our border,” a U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) official told Reuters this week. The Reuters article confirmed the Syrian nationals reported at the Mexican border with Laredo last year by Breitbart Texas’s Brandon Darby and Ildefonso Ortiz are part of this growing pattern of illegal migration. Just a few days after that, Darby and this writer broke the news of six men from Pakistan and Afghanistan being arrested about sixteen miles inside the United States in Arizona. Those men were quickly snatched up from the Border Patrol’s custody by the FBI. Shortly after that, five more Syrian Nationals were detained at the Laredo port of entry.
Since that time, the federal government has been largely silent on the numbers of what they call “Special Interest Aliens” (SIA) being captured in Texas and other border states. The new information obtained by Reuters shows that 6,342 SIAs were apprehended at Mexico’s southern border. That number is up significantly from a 2015 total of 4,261 SIAs. Only 1,831 were reported for all of 2014 when Breitbart Texas’ Brandon Darby reported a leaked intelligence document from CBP official showing countries from all over the world were exploiting the porous southern border between the United States and Mexico. Most of those SIA tend to enter the U.S. through Texas.

The porous unsecured borders of Mexico are letting terrorists in by the droves, the worst part is that they all seem to have forged papers, and then b-line it to the US border from there.

So many potential terrorists have had the easy opportunity to come into our country and destroy our homes. This is why Donald Trump’s plan to secure the borders is so popular. Clearly, there is a problem and Obama is showing no signs to resolve the issue. The American people are not safe, and another four years of Hillary Clinton may very well destroy our once proud nation.

We need a leader who ignores political correctness, someone with a backbone who will stand up for our freedom while liberals try to lead us into what is quickly becoming a living hell.

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