Alabama Suffers Barbaric Mass Homicide, The Media ‘Forgot’ To Tell You

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The villain from their nightmare showed up in reality. Alabama was recently shaken by a gruesome mass homicide after five people were murdered in very disturbing ways. One of the victims found dead was a five-month pregnant woman. Our biased liberal media has conveniently forgotten to report this particular homicide in the same way they have brushed over many others. It appears they are hoping Americans will gloss over this gnarly mass murder for two extremely obvious reasons.

A young man, Derrick Dearman, 27, from Mississippi has been charged with the deaths of five victims and is now in custody. This scary man didn’t just murder these innocent people in their home, he did much worse.

After his morbid little game, he stole his girlfriend, Laneta Lester and her three-month-old baby, just before he surrendered to the police.

Mobile County District Attorney Ashley Rich stated…

“In a 20-year career as a prosecutor, I have never seen a scene where there were five people brutally and viciously murdered. That’s what we have here,”

Unfortunately, the murders were very gruesome, bloody, and the victims most likely suffered excruciating pain before their deaths.


Police in Citronelle received a call about a trespasser on the property at around 1 a.m., but responding officers did not find Dearman at the home, according to NBC. Between 1:15 a.m. and sunrise, Dearman allegedly returned and attacked the victims while they slept.

Authorities told NBC news that one of the multiple weapons used in the attacks was possibly an ax.

A 4-month old boy survived the attack, CNN reports. Police reportedly found the infant in the home after the killings. It is unclear whether the boy was injured.

Dearman allegedly let the kidnapped woman and baby go free before surrendering at the Greene County Sheriff’s Office, according to CNN. The pair are reportedly safe and in good health.

Extradition proceedings were expected to begin immediately and Dearman will be charged with six counts of capital murder, CNN reports. Investigators are working to determine Dearman’s relationship to the victims. It is unclear if he has retained an attorney or if he has entered a plea.


Dearman’s girlfriend claimed she had an abusive relationship with the accused murderer. When Laneta returned home to the scene of the crime, people were strewn everywhere, it was a bloody mess, not much later Dearman forced Laneta and her infant son to flee to his father’s home.

Chelsea was five months pregnant at the time of her murder, so according to law, Dearman will be charged with an additional homicide for the death of the unborn child.
There is a particular reason the media didn’t care about this tragic homicide, it’s pretty easy to see why. One, this would humanize an unborn HUMAN child, making abortion look like what it really is, murder. Two Dearman is said to have used many weapons to savagely slice apart these five victims, they won’t have their usual spin on gun control here, hence it being a waste of their time. Jerks. I can see it now… “No mass shooting here, move along folks, nothing to see.”

Yet another mass homicide is swept under the rug, in hopes, it’s all ignored.

HAH! Watch this…liberals just got schooled due to his lack of logic!

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