10 Years of Gun Control In Chicago Results Are In: Yep, It’s a Record!

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Shootings in Chicago are out of control, but what do you expect from a city that has some of the most strictest gun-control laws in the nation. July 2016 looks to be one of the “deadliest July’s in 10 years“. May 2016 was the “deadliest May in 21 years“. Democrats can continue to implement all the gun control laws they want, but it’s not going to matter.  Implementing more laws is NOT the solution!

Memorial Day weekend in Chicago was one of the deadliest. There were 6 people killed and 63 wounded. Mother’s Day weekend brought similar results – 50 people shot and 8 killed. In the month of July 65 individuals were shot and killed – 19 killed, 7 in the last week alone. That ties a record set in 2006. In just the first 7 months of 2016, there have been almost 700 homicides.

Chicago homicides_0

As of March 30, there were 135 homicides in Chicago during the first quarter of the year – a 71 percent increase from the same period last year when 79 homicides were reported, according to Chicago police data. The homicide totals are the highest they have been since 1999. A Tribune analysis showed shootings citywide were also up from last year 73 percent, totally 727 reported.

It’s not a surprise is it? The city of Chicago is Obama’s home town. Chicago is controlled by the Democratic machine. The gun control laws are insane. Democrats like Mayor Rahm Emanuel just don’t get it. They can add as many gun laws as they want – THAT’S NOT the answer! There’s an assault weapons ban, a tax on violence, and strict rules on handguns – but none of these seem to be stopping the record number of homicides do they?  They’ve even put in place new laws on the number of gun stores that are permitted in the city and where they’re located. Democrats think these increased laws on gun control matter. Nope – doesn’t seem to matter. You can’t keep setting “records” for the number of homicides and then turn right around and say that gun control laws are working? Sorry folks. Gun control laws DON’T work.

See for yourself:



In fact while I was just writing this article, I checked the local news and three stories appeared on gunshots: Gunfire in Millennium Park. Two boys – 14 and 15, among 11 shot across Chicago. 28-year-old shot and killed. That’s just in today’s Chicago news while I was sitting here. As long as Democrats are in charge, you can expect more of the same – more laws on gun controls and increased homicides. 

The fact is – the Democrats still believe we should control the guns of all law-abiding citizens –  even the “good guys”, because they certainly aren’t making a difference with the “bad guys”. Bad guys have guns. Bad guys kill. Bad guys could care LESS about gun laws. Hello! This is Chicago. Home of gangster “Al Capone” – some things – like gangs and crime never change.

The more gun control laws Democrats, Obama and Clinton pass – the more people, like you and I, will head to the gun stores to buy guns. In fact if there’s one thing Obama has helped in today’s economy, it’s gun sales.

Gun sales are at record highs since Obama took office:

obama-ruger-gunSince 2012, Sturm, Ruger & Company, has been so swamped with orders for new handguns that their CEO just recently announced that they may have actually broken a new all-time record by being “the first firearms manufacturer to build and ship more than one million firearms in one year.”

As long as Obama is in office and Democrats like him and Chicago Mayor Emanuel continue to restrict our 2nd Amendment Rights, gun sales are going to continue to set records.

You want to stop the bad guys? Let the good guys keep their guns and carry their guns. Every citizen has the right to defend himself/herself. It’s called the 2nd Amendment!  You want to keep guns out of the hands of bad guys – enforce laws of stricter corporal punishment, increase jobs, and get rid of thousands of regulations that are killing jobs and our economy. The best way to stop a bullet is through a job. Close the borders too, while you’re at it! But STOP attacking the law-abiding citizens and focus more on the criminals and terrorists – the bad guys with guns.

By the way, want to know which presidential candidate was endorsed by the NRA?


“The Second Amendment is under threat like never before,” Trump told the crowd. “Crooked Hillary Clinton is the most anti-gun, anti-Second Amendment candidate ever to run for office.”

Amen to that!



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