Woken Up By Strange Noise, People SICKENED By What They See

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Early in the morning neighbors woke up to odd sounds coming from the sidewalk near their house. When they looked out the window they were immediately sickened by what they discovered on full display for everyone to see just yards away from their home.

When people walked out to investigate the loud moaning noise they discovered a couple decided to have a little sidewalk sex doggy-style and put on a show for passersby. I guess when the mood strikes some people just don’t want to wait, or maybe they were exhibitionists.

2016-07-25 05_18_23-Neighbors Wake To Odd Noise, SICK To Look Outside & See What’s Feet Away

“Loud moans” reportedly woke up residents in Minsk in Belarus in the early hours

This couple was caught having sex in broad daylight on a pavement near a main road.

With his trousers around his ankles, the man wearing a Nike black jumper holds his half-naked partner.

The pair were caught in the throngs of passion by a shocked onlooker who posted the picture on Twitter.

The Daily Mail reports the image has gone viral and become a popular meme.

A witness said: ‘This is a famous photo from Sukharevo. I wonder what was left out of sight.’

The lovers could reportedly face a heavy fine for ‘hooliganism’ if they’re exposed.

One online commenter said: ‘Just do it’ after the famous Nike slogan.

And another added: “You never know when love and passion will hit you.”

Whoever said the romance was dead didn’t know this couple! How embarrassing to be caught on camera! If you don’t want the consequences don’t do the deed in public.

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