You Will Not Believe Who Blew Themselves Up at a German Wine Bar

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It was a Baptist who insisted that drinking alcohol was an affront to the Lord, he couldn’t stand it anymore so he put on a bomb vest and blew himself, the wine bar and the patrons right straight to Hell.

Okay, it wasn’t a Baptist. It was a Muslim. The Religion of Peace. Actually, more like the Religion of Pieces.

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In fact it was a Syrian, part of the Muslim invasion of Europe, whose asylum bid to live in Germany had been rejected. So he did what any good, “moderate,” Muslim would do, he put on a backpack full of explosives, recorded his cell phone video pledging allegiance to the Islamic State, and then set about his business.

He first went to an outdoor concert but they wouldn’t let him in so he went to a wine bar instead. There actually is some good news to the story, when the bomb went off it killed him but his intended victims were spared. He only injured 15 people at the wine bar.

ISIS celebrated as they claimed responsibility for the bombing.

This was just the latest in a series of Muslim terror attacks in Germany and France. The German government – as with most of Europe – is in complete denial about the invasion taking place in their countries. A team of investigators was interviewing the man’s acquaintances and examining evidence collected from his home but although likely find is that he was just a good, observant Muslim until he was denied asylum.

A radical Muslim is someone who wants to blow you up. A moderate Muslim is someone who wants a radical Muslim to blow you up. The Europeans haven’t figured this out yet and God knows Barack Obama and Paul Ryan are in total denial.

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