VIDEO OF THE DAY: Female Powerlifter Suffers AWKWARD Bodily Malfunction Mid-Lift

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When you are as strong as she is, I guess there is less need to be embarrassed…

There are a few occupational hazards within the world of powerlifting, and this unlucky lady has educated the world on what one of them is.

‘BlondeBeautyBri’ as she’s known on Instagram was competing at the Raw Unity Powerlifting Championships, or ‘Rum9’, reports UPROXX.

Having loosened up with some interpretive dance, Bri starts her lift but what she hasn’t prepared for is an unexpected bout of projectile vomiting.
Credit to her, she refused to let the spew prevent her from completing the lift.

A+ for effort and commitment.

Bri even shared the moment she first saw a replay of the incident:

Well played Bri.

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