Two Black Kids Chuck A Bag At White Man, Then He Sees What’s Written On It…

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Should it come as any surprise that this happened in New Orleans? A white man was sitting alone minding his own business when, along came two little boys, who he’d assumed had been brainwashed by their parents like most children in that area. When they tossed a bag his way he was horrified. Rightfully so, because THIS was seriously out of the blue and not what he’d been expecting at all.


Derrell Martin, 10, and his brother Kyllon, 9, were on a road trip with their mom Kristy Lewis-Martin, when they passed by a local bridge and saw a man begging for money. The boys insisted that she stop, even though they didn’t have any cash to give him, but Kyllon had a taco that he wanted to give the guy in need, so he handed it to his brother Derrell. The brothers both watched in complete shock at what they man did with the taco in front of them, and from that moment, they devised a plan.

Seeing how happy that leftover food made this homeless person, the brothers were inspired to keep feeding the needy, regardless of their skin color or how they ended up on the street. “He was so excited that he danced and showed everyone that he had the taco,” Kristy told Inside Edition about the man’s reaction, which changed her little boys forever.

All on their own, her sons put their heads together and came up with a name for their mission, “The Helping Lunchbox,” with a lofty goal of handing out 250 sack lunches by August 8 to homeless people in New Orleans, where they live. However, it was more than a sandwich, some pretzels, and a lot of love packed into each sack. In addition, the boys hand wrote an inspirational message on the outside of each one, hoping to encourage every person they fed.

When volunteers from the non-profit group B.O.S.S. Youth Outreach Program heard what the brothers were doing, they wanted to help them reach their goal by donating some of their time and supplies to the incredible cause. The boys are already way ahead of schedule, serving 200 lunches to the homeless and receiving a wide range of responses from each person.

“Some were happy, some were crying,” Derrell said. However, their impact was even further reaching than they expected. According to Kristy, after the boys spent some time talking with one of the homeless guys, he was inspired to reconnect with his own family because of the sweet interaction with the incredible young men.

“It makes me feel awesome that I’m helping people,” Derrell said. “We’re making a change for once.”

This is amazing! There are still good people in the world, even if it is a bit rarer now. These African-American kids could have been raised by parents who brainwashed them into hating white people because we are more “privileged”. Black Lives Matter protestors believe that violence is the answer when in reality the answer is peace. Violence doesn’t fix the ghetto it’s good parenting that fixes the ghetto.

Good ol’ Michael says it best…

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