Trump Pulling Away From Hillary: Not the First Man to Do That Either…

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Hillary Clinton is going into her coronation as the first woman to be nominated for President by a major party with heartburn.  Her 20 point lead over Donald Trump as evaporated and as of today, she’s down four to the Republican nominee.

The USC / LA Times poll has Trump up by four points and the poll has a 95% confidence level.

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Needless to say, neither the LA Times or USC could be considered a “Republican pollster.”  It will be interesting to see how much ground Hillary can make up this week since the reporting will be wall-to-wall nice things about Hillary, Barack, and Democrats and how much they “care” about you.

Polling, in my opinion, isn’t going to mean a whole lot until the end of the August because of the convention effect on news coverage.  By the end of August the candidates will have been going at one another for a couple of weeks and we’ll begin to see where the election is really headed.

The good news for the Trump camp, and the really bad news for Hillary, is that Trump has been steadily moving up for the last 45 days and other than a quick convention bump I don’t expect to see that trend change.

Voters have had it with the establishment.  Democrats of the far-left variety have had with with Clintons, especially Hillary.  Bernie Sanders voters are likely to vote for Trump (25%) or stay home (25%) or vote for the Green Party candidate (20%) rather than vote for Medusa.

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