Trump Perfectly SLAMS George Stephanopoulos: Awesome!

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Donald Trump recently got into a contentious exchange with George Stephanopoulos on “Good Morning America.” Stephanopoulos kept pounding Trump on releasing his taxes. Trump has said over and over that he will release his taxes as soon as the IRS audit is completed but that wasn’t good enough for Stephanopoulos.

It’s important to remember that George Stephanopoulos is nothing more than a Democratic operative with a byline. He worked in the Clinton White House and has donated tens of thousands of dollars to the Clinton Foundation. He counts the Clintons is personal friends.

Trump reminded Stephanopoulos – and viewers – that George is anything but nonpartisan.

“I know she’s a good friend of yours and that you worked for her, though I know you didn’t reveal it.”

The same could be said for virtually every member of the media. Some of them may not be “good friends” with the Clintons but they sure would like to be.

It’s going to be a long hot campaign summer and at least, and Donald Trump, Republicans have a candidate who is not afraid to fight the Democratic nominee and the media.

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