Tense Video: Sheriff Pulls Gun on Man Who Comes to Window of His Car Then…

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By now we know that for good reason some cops are afraid to do their jobs. Can you blame them when they are being slaughtered like cattle left and right? This video below shows just how frightened our police are, they’re being hunted and the man that came up to his window demanding he role it down looks really suspicious…


“Roll your window down,” Citizen is heard saying more than once.

“What do you want?” the officer asks.

As Citizen gets closer to the vehicle, the officer tells him, “Back away from my car,” while pulling out a gun.

“Really, you pulled a gun on me, bro?” Citizen says to the cop. “I got both of my hands in the air.”

“Roll your window down. I got both hands in the air,” Citizen adds. He then once again asks for the officer’s name and badge number.

With all of the police murders that have been happening lately do you blame this cop for getting spooked? Being prepared isn’t just for boy scouts anymore, when it comes to your life being in danger you don’t mess around, even if it’s politically incorrect. Why on earth did he even need to know this cops name and ID anyway? This guy seems very suspicious!


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